To start, go to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Apple Pay (Braintree)

Devices that support Apple Pay.

Banks that support Apple Pay.

Payment Configuration

Enable this Solution
  • Set to 'Yes' to enable the Apple Pay payment method at checkout.

  • Specify the payment method’s title that customers will see on the checkout page. Note, this can be changed per Store View.

Override Merchant Name

  • Set the company name that will be displayed to customers. For example, "IWD Agency, LLC".

  • If ‘Yes’ then all communication with the payment system will be recorded in a log file where you can see errors and failed responses.

Payment Action
  • For all new orders received from Apple Pay, choose to either Authorize or Authorize & Capture payments from customers.
    • Authorize - order amount will be authorized on the customer's credit card but the amount will not be captured untl an invoice is generated.
    • Authorize & Capture - order amount will be authorized and captured on the customer's credit card instantly.

Payment from Applicable Countries
  • Set to offer Apple Pay to customers in all countries or specific countries.

Payment from Specific Countries
  • If you would only like to offer Apple Pay to countries in specific countries, select the countries that are permitted to use this payment method (Command + click to select multiple countries).

Sort Order
  • Control the order in which this payment method will be shown to customer's during the checkout process. Enter "1" for example to show as the first payment method.