Please follow these simple steps to create a server and browser API key:

1. Login to the Google Developers Console (you can create an account for free here)

2. Create a new Project

3. Open your newly created project, select "Library" and enable all the settings for Google Maps APIs and Google+ API

4. After enabling the APIs, go to “Credentials” and choose “Create Credentials”

5. Click "Restrict key"

6. Enter a “Name” for the new key (for example "Server Key") and press “Create” button (please note that you may select "None" or "IP Addresses" as a restriction parameter. In the second case you must enter IP of your server)

7. To generate another key, follow steps 4-6 (for Browser key you will need to select "None" since Google doesn't allow to restrict the key while using some of the Maps API)

8. Copy your Browser and Server API keys and add them to the correct fields in the Store Locator configuration