You can download the most recent version of your extension by following these steps:

1. Log into your customer account

2. Go to My Account > My Downloadable Products

3. Find the extension you would like to update and download the latest version
  • Please note: In order to download newer versions of your extension, you must have an active support period for the extension. Included with all extensions is 90 days of support. If your support period has expired, you may purchase additional support.

4. Once the newest version has been downloaded, go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager

5. Enter your Magento Connect Manager username and password

6. Locate the extension you wish to update in the Magento Existing Extensions section

7. Select Uninstall in the Actions column and click on Commit Changes
for the extension to be removed

8. Under the Direct package file upload section, select the Choose File

9. Select the extension file from your computer and click the Upload button.

10. Click on the Return to Admin button

11. Go to System -> Cache Management -> and select Flush Magento Cache

12. Log-out and log back into your Admin panel to complete installation