To start, go to Stores -> Configuration -> IWD -> Order Manager



  • Current installed version of the extension


  • Link to settings guide 

Purchased Email

  • Enter the email address used to purchase the B2B Suite. To learn about activating your license, please see the Activating Licenses article.


  • This will indicate the current status of your license. To learn about the different types of statuses, please see the Activation Statuses article.


  • Activate the Order Manager solution for your store

Allow Edit Order With Status
  • Specify the order statuses that are permitted to be edited. For example, orders with the status 'Pending' can be edited

Apply Shipping Amount Automatically

  • Update the order's shipping amount automatically after updating the shipping address or items ordered.

Edit Coupon Code
  • Control if a coupon code can be applied / removed / or replaced on an order


Enable Order Grid Totals
  • Enable / disable showing sales totals at the bottom of your order table.

Order Grid Totals
  • Select which order totals you would like to appear at the bottom of your order table


Edit State
  • Specify if the order state can be modified


  • Enable the ability to create multiple inventory sources and assign different inventory levels per product, per source


Updating Invoices
  • Specify how an order's invoice is updated if the modification to the order increases the total of the order. Either create a new invoice or delete existing invoices and create a new one

Updating Shipments
  • Specify how an order's shipments is updated if the modification to the order increases the total of the order. Either create a new shipment, delete existing shipments and create a new one, or do not adjust shipments



Validate Inventory
  • Set to 'Yes' to validate sufficient inventory levels when increasing the QTY of an ordered product

Return Item to Stock
  • If set to 'Yes' then the checkbox when reducing the ordered QTY for a product will be selected to return the product to stock by default



Allow Delete Order(s)
  • Set to 'Yes' if you would like the option to delete Magento orders

Allow Delete Order With Statuses
  • Specify which order statuses can be deleted

Allow Delete Invoice(s)
  • Control if invoices can be deleted

Allow Delete Credit Memo(s)
  • Control if credit memos can be deleted

Allow Delete Shipments(s)
  • Control if shipments can be deleted