To start, go to Stores -> Configuration -> IWD -> Store Locator



  • Enable / disable Store Locator


  • Specify the page and SEO Meta Title 

URL Path

  • Specify the url path for the store locator. Example: /dealers or /store-locator

Display Link in Header

  • If yes then a text link to the store locator will be added in your store's header

Link Text

  • If Display Link in Header is set to yes, then enter the text link that will be shown in your store's header

CMS Static Block

  • If desired, select a cms block that will be used to display content and banners above the store locator

Meta Keywords & Description

  • Enter the SEO keywords and description for the page


Browser API Key

Server API Key

Marker Icon

  • Upload a custom location marker that is used on the map to identify found locations

Scrollwheel Zooming

  • Enable / disable ability for users to zoom with the scroll wheel on their mouse

Map Type Control

  • Enable / disable if the user can change the type of map (Satellite or map view)

Scale Control

  • Enable / disable if the scale on the map is to be shown


Start Search After Page Load

  • Control if the search will automatically start locating results for the user once the page finished loading (auto-search)

Enable Pagination

  • Enable / disable pagination if more locations are found than what is allowed to be shown per page

Store Per Page

  • Control how many stores to display in the search results

Filter by Radius

  • Determine if user's can filter their search results by a radius. If yes, then enter radius options that the user can choose from

User's Radius Options

  • If user's can filter by radius then specify the radius options for the user

Default Radius

  • If user's cannot filter by radius, then specify the default radius that is applied for user's automatically

Search Metric

  • Control if the map will use miles or kilometers to determine distance

Display Search Results By

  • Specify if search results will be displayed by distance, position, or title

Not Found Message

  • Enter the message shown to users if no locations were found in their search