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A/B Testing

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A/B Testing

Utilizing Checkout Suites’ A/B testing places your company a step ahead of the competition, and leads to the discovery of new methods improving the performance of your checkout. Test results can be shared with your team for reflection and collaboration leading to continued growth and improvement of future tests. This knowledge can also be shared as a new metric to the dashboards and reports you send to your CEO or board each month. These metrics could be the number of tests completed each month or how many improvements will be made based on your results.

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Powerful Comparative Analysis

Checkout Suite’s A/B testing is an experiment utilizing our custom code and your current Google Analytics account in which variations of your checkout are shown to users at random with 50% of traffic routed through IWD’s Checkout Suite and 50% routed through Magento’s checkout. Comprehensive comparative analytics are then used to determine which page variation performed the best. Through Checkout Suite you can use these analytics to make the types of informed data based decision that can drive checkout conversions. Continually running A/B tests provides real data for informed decisions and rapid improvement of the overall user experience.

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