Improving Order Management

The success of any E-commerce business relies on orders. The ability to process orders quickly and efficiently is crucial for any retailer. This not only affects your customer satisfaction but also your bottom line. With so many ways for consumers to buy your products, your need for a smart, reliable order management system to help you keep up is critical.
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6 Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Generating leads is the main reason for businesses to create and maintain a social media presence. It takes a strong presence and large following to see results from your social media efforts. The first thing to consider is how to generate a following, this will be an effective step in your online marketing. The wider your reach gets, the more leads you will be able to generate for your business.
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Creating a Brand

Your brand is a promise to your consumer. This is the image that makes your company distinctive and gives you a competitive edge. Branding is the way you define your business to yourself, your clients and your team. To attract customers, you have to create a cultural, visual and emotional connection between your business and customers.
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11 Awesome Free Things You Can Give Away For Leads

Everyone loves free stuff.

From free coffee and bagels at industry conventions to free hugs at music festivals, there’s seldom a better way of getting people to pay attention than giving them something for free.

And if you sell products online, a great way to grab someone’s attention is to dangle a little carrot in front of them so that eventually they give you something much bigger in return.

Whether you’re selling t-shirts online or a B2B industrial-grade piping company, free stuff is a proven method for capturing leads and pushing them down your sales funnel. Here are eleven great things you can give away to support your business.

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How to Make Your Product Pages Interactive & Sell More

The truism “it’s not what you’re selling, but how you sell it” is one of those stubborn cliches that actually holds a lot of truth to it.

Your eCommerce business can have the best product in the world, but no matter how good your quality or value might be, you won’t achieve maximum ROI if you undersell your product. That’s why these established eCommerce businesses are worth paying attention to. Instead of relying solely on static catalogs to sell their stuff, they use a variety of different features to create interactive, high UX product pages that deliver the goods in a unique and memorable fashion. If you’re worried that your website is a bit too bland when it comes to your product page layout, pay attention to what these six companies are doing and consider following their lead. 

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