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Checkout Suite  M2 M1

  • Responsive One Page Checkout design
  • Disable IWD one-page design and use Magento default checkout design
  • QuickPay buttons to allow for quick checkout
  • Improved Guest Checkout functionality
  • Subscriptions/Recurring Payments Included

Magento 2.1.3+, 2.2.8 - 2.3.1

Free Version:

Sold out

Pro Version:

Checkout Suite for Magento 2
Supports PayPal, Authorize.Net, Braintree & BluePay
Shipper HQ compatibility
Subscriptions/Recurring Payments
Restrict Payment Methods Per Customer Group
Checkout Page A/B Testing
Supports Amazon Pay & Apple Pay
Google Auto-Complete
Address Validation
In-Store Pickup
Store Credits
Free Installation & Support
Additional Languages
Access to All Future Updates

Give your checkout a speed boost.

Boost your conversion rate with a modern solution that reduces the steps needed to complete checkout. With the entire process on a single responsive page, your customers can get to the place order button faster than ever. Premium features like address validation, in-store pickup, Apple Pay, and more built right into the extension make this the most feature rich all-in-one solution for the Magento platform.

Checkout suite Give your checkout a speed boost

Built with industry-leading payment processors.

Checkout Suite comes with built-in integrations for the industry's leading payment processing modules, including PayPal, Braintree, and all of Magento's default payment methods. When you upgrade to the Pro version, you'll also have access to Authorize.Net support and Apple Pay functionality so you can hit the ground running with robust payment options that offer you and your customers both flexibilty and security.

Checkout built with industry-leading payment processors

Improved Account Login/Creation UX

Checkout Suite fixes the Magento guest checkout feature once and for all. Now users that checkout as guest will have an account created for them based upon the information they enter during checkout. They will then be prompted to set a password on the success page. If the guest’s email is associated with an existing account the order will be add to their account. Store Owners still have the option to show/hide the login feature on Checkout, but it is never required.

Checkout improved account login/creation UX

Convert With Apple Pay!

Boost your conversion rate by using IWD's Apple Pay included with Checkout Suite Pro!


At the beginning of checkout your customers can choose the Apple Pay QuickPay button. A sliding panel will appear, populated with their saved payment and shipping info. Using their connected Touch ID or Face ID supported device, users will authorize their payment instantaneously and checkout without having to enter any additional information.


More Info on IWD Apple Pay    


IWD Apple Pay Extension

BluePay Payment Integration

Checkout Suite now includes BluePay payment gateway. IWD and BluePay have teamed up to include their payment gateway module into Checkout Suite. The gateway is compatible with the latest versions of Magento, while also offering special transactional rates you can only get through IWD. BluePay will be available on both the Free and Pro versions of Checkout Suite.


Review Rates and Sign up    

IWD Bluepay Integration


Checkout Suite Pro now comes with no additional charge! That’s transaction fees and no subscription management fees. Users will be able to purchase products with recurring billing, and then manage their subscription in their account dashboard. Users can also add and remove credit cards to their subscriptions, as well as update their payment method after payment fails due to expired cards. Subscriptions comes with both the Free and Pro versions of Checkout Suite and works with the BluePay payment gateway.

IWD Subscriptions Extension for Magento 2

Quick Pay Buttons

Instantly raise your conversion rate by allowing customers that use Paypal or Amazon Pay to quickly checkout with the push of a button. Selecting one of the Quick Pay buttons at the beginning of the checkout process means they do not have to enter their address or payment information, allowing them to quickly checkout.

Quick pay buttons for Magento 2

Address Validation

With address validation built right into the shipping address column, you can ensure that your customers are entering details that are deliverable and verifiable by the carriers you use, like UPS, Fedex, and the United States Postal Service. (This feature is included with Checkout Suite Pro)


Available as Stand-Alone Extension    


Checkout Suite also comes with Google Maps autocomplete for the address fields. This feature gives your shipping address fields the type-ahead-search behavior of the Google Maps search field. When a user starts typing an address, autocomplete will fill in the rest.

Offer free in-store pickup.

Offer your customers the convenience and immediacy of picking up their purchase in-person by choosing a nearby store location. Create and tailor your list of stores, and set paramaters that orders must meet in order to qualify for in-store pickup. Upgrade to the Pro version for this feature.


Learn More about In-Store Pickup    

Pickup in-store for Magento 2

Assign and use store credits.

Forget refunds, now you can choose to credit your customers' account with currency that can only be used at your online store. Their credit history can be tracked in both the admin panel and by your customer from their "My Account" page. When they get to checkout, we'll remind them of their balance and offer them the option to use it right away. Upgrade to the Pro version for this feature.


Learn more about Store Credits    

Store Credits for Magento 2

Get free installation and priority support.

With the Pro version you can let the checkout experts handle your installation. Let us set up the extension on your site for free, and get prioritized access to our product support team.

Free Installation & Priority support

Learn how to use and configure.

Checkout Suite has even more features and integrations than we can mention here. Explore our help articles to learn more about how to configure and use Checkout Suite on your Magento 2 store.


View Help Documents  

Guides & Manuals for Checkout suite

See what's available for Magento 1.

Checkout Suite comes with both a Magento 1 and Magento 2 extension bundled together. Click the link below to view all of the features available for Magento 1, which includes built-in subscriptions, Amazon Payments, gift cards, and more.


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Checkout suite for Magento 1
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