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Brand New!

IWD Checkout

Alpha version*  Magento 2 

  • Cloud-based Checkout-page.
  • Responsive Checkout-page design.
  • Easy Customizable Checkout-Page.
  • Seamless Checkout experience for your customers.
  • One click-turn off feature.
  • Enhanced with PayPal Commerce Platform.


Works on any Magento 2 version.

*Important note: May contain some compatibility issues with third-party extensions.

IWD Checkout Suite for Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce

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Boost your sales and enhance your customers with a frictionless Checkout-Page.

Boost your conversion rate with a modern solution that reduces the steps needed to complete checkout. With the entire process on a single responsive page, your customers can get to the place order button faster than ever.

Checkout suite Give your checkout a speed boost


Built-in with the most advanced payment processor in the market.

With PayPal Commerce Platform you will be ready to accept payments from 286 million PayPal customers, in over 100 currencies and across 200 markets, with advanced Fraud Protection and unprecedented control. PayPal Commerce Platform allows you to offer a variety of payment options from Credit Card and Debit Card Payments to alternative payment methods that vary per your customer region.


IWD Checkout and PayPal Commerce Platform will take you to the next level. What are you waiting for, start using our Checkout now!



Paypal Commerce Platform

Get Started in minutes.

  1. Download & Install the IWD Checkout connector: Install the IWD Checkout Connector on as many platforms and stores as you want, and manage them in one place!
  2. Setup and Configure your IWD Checkout account: Create, Configure and Customize your Checkout-Pages easily in just a few clicks!
  3. Setup a PayPal Commerce Platform account in seconds: Setup or Create a PayPal Commerce Platform account with our new On-boarding process with just a few clicks.
  4. Enable IWD Checkout on your eCommerce platform: Turn-on your IWD Checkout and enhance your customer's with a whole new checkout experience.

Download IWD Checkout for free!


Join the IWD Checkout-Page Optimization program

Leverage your overall checkout metrics and enhance your customer's checkout experience with our free Checkout-Page Optimization Program.


IWD Agency wants you to focus on what you do best, business. That is why IWD Agency will be providing white-glove service with setup, installation, analytics, and conversion rate monitoring to provide your customers with an optimal checkout experience.


To learn more, schedule a meeting with our team here    


Free Installation with the Checkout-Page Optimization Program

Frequently Asked

Do IWD Checkout has a Sandbox enviroment?

Yes, IWD Checkout allows you to configure PayPal Sandbox credentials for testing.


Read how to enable sandbox mode here.  

Does IWD Checkout works with other third-party tools?

IWD Checkout does not allow the third-party tools to render content on the Checkout-Page. However, it is compatible with tools that works on the backend like shipping methods, coupons and promotions.


Contact us here.  

Do you support Subscriptions & Split-Payments?

IWD Checkout does not support Subscriptions or Split-payments at this time. However, it will be available soon, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Which payment methods are available to configure?

IWD Checkout offers only the PayPal Commerce Platform as payment provider at this time. You will enable your customers to pay with:


  • Credit and Debit Cards directly
  • Alternative-Payment Methods that vary per your customer's location.
  • PayPal Accounts and Credits.

Which shipping methods or carriers ar available to use?

IWD Checkout uses your platform's shipping methods/carriers and configurations. So, if a specific carrier or shipping method is available on your end, it will be displayed on the IWD Checkout-Page.

Can I use Braintree from PayPal as payment method?

Braintree is not included on the IWD Checkout. However, PayPal Commerce Platform has integrated the best features from their platforms and putted them toghether in it.

Can I customize a different workflow for my Checkout-Page?

No, IWD Checkout is a cloud-based solution that is designed to achieve default checkout workflows. However, if you are looking for some specific scenarios, please feel free to contact us!

Do you store any information from my site?

IWD Checkout only stores information related to the orders that are processed on the IWD platform and for analytics purpouses. These allows us to provide logs and detailed data on what's going on in your checkout-page.

Do you support Digital goods or free products on the Checkout?

Yes and yes, IWD Checkout is fully capable of allowing you to bypass the Billing or Shipping information on the Checkout process for the digital items and free items on your store.

Learn how to use and configure.

Explore our help articles to learn more about how to configure and use the newest IWD Checkout on your Magento 2 store.


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