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POS System for Magento 1 M1

Magento Versions: Community: 1.7+; Enterprise: 1.12+

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Built Specifically for Magento Stores

The Magento POS system is designed to mobilize your online store. With the POS, you can enjoy the following features:


  • Supports standard Magento features and product types
  • Automatically Magento products & inventory, shipping, & payment methods
  • Compatible on desktop & tablet devices
  • Breakdown sales reports for POS & website
  • Track sales performance by sales associate

User Friendly POS Dashboard

  • Browse product catalogs to locate products
  • Search by product name or sku
  • Supports multiple Magento stores
  • Add comments and discount codes to an order

Access Additional Product Details

The POS includes a custom quick view pop-up that allows users to learn more or showcase additional product information such as: product images, sku, and product description.


  • Supports viewing additional product images
  • Quickly add product to the shopping cart via the add to cart icon on the pop-up

Checkout with Different Customer Types

With the POS, you can select from three different types of customers to checkout: walk-in, new customer, or existing customer.


  • Walk-In: places an order without capturing customers contact information
  • New: customer information will be captured and a customer account will be created
  • Existing: locate an existing customer account and place the order under that customer

Supports Multiple Payment Methods

Choose from an array of payment methods to offer during checkout on the POS system. Easily restrict payment methods on the POS such as cash payments from being available on your website.


  • PayPal Payments Pro
  • Credit Cards via Authorize.Net
  • Purchase Orders
  • Cash Payments & On Delivery

Access Any Magento Order

View any order placed in Magento regardless if the order was placed in Magento or in the POS system. Search for specific orders by order number or customer name and perform the following:


  • Send an order to a customer via email
  • Create an invoice and capture authorized payment
  • Reorder the entire order for the customer
  • Create shipping and tracking information for the order

Supported Hardware

  • Compatible with USB credit card readers & barcode scanners
  • iPad: ID Tech Shuttle credit card reader
  • iPad: Compatible with any bluetooth & iOS enabled barcode scanners
  • Supports thermal receipt printers

Magento POS Configuration

  • For customer receipts, choose if they will be printed with standard 8.5 x 11 paper or with a receipt printer
  • For faster checkout, enable "Walk-In" as the default customer in order to skip customer information when placing an order
  • Require customers to create an account with your store during checkout (optional)

The POS has a "Quick Checkout" feature built-in that enables you to use generic information such as your company address when placing an order for a walk-in customer. This allows you to skip entering address information during checkout and place the order faster!

Reduce Credit Card Transaction Fees

If you are processing credit card transactions with Authorize.Net, then enable Card Present Mode and enter your API credentials to reduce your transaction fees.

Since the credit card is present at the moment of purchase on the POS, this reduces the risk of fraud, thereby reducing your transaction rate.

Learn more about Card Present and Card Not Present.

Configuring Barcode Scanners

If you are using a barcode scanner to add products to the shopping cart, simply specify the product attribute to use for barcodes. For example, this could be "SKU" or a new product attribute called "Barcode".


  • Enable automatically add to cart after barcode scan
  • After scanning the barcode, control whether or not the scanned barcode is removed from the search bar allowing for a new scan

POS Shipping Methods

Offer exclusive shipping methods such as "Free Shipping" to customers in your store that do not require shipping for their purchase.


This configuration permits you to enable your preferred POS shipping methods and then remove them from your website so your online orders aren't able to use POS shipping terms.

POS Payment Methods

Offer exclusive payment methods such as "Check / Money Order" to customers in your store for easier checkout.


This configuration permits you to enable your preferred POS payment methods and then remove them from your website so your online orders aren't able to use POS payment terms.

3rd Party Integrations

If you have Sage Pay Suite or WebText Gift Cards then you can enable these as additional payment methods in your POS.