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Subscriptions /Recurring Payments  M2

  • No-Fee Recurring Payments
  • Account Updater automatically keeps card information current
  • Edit payment method
  • Edit Addresses
  • Edit Subscription Frequency

Magento 2.1 to 2.3

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Sold out

No-Fee Recurring Billing

BWD Subscriptions/Recurring Payments manages your recurring billing with no transaction or subscription management fees. Users will be able to purchase products with recurring billing, and then manage their subscription in their account dashboard. Users can also add and remove credit cards to their subscriptions, as well as update their payment methods.

Plus with the Account Updater feature enabled you don't ever have worry about expired cards. The system will automatically check if the card has been updated so you don't have to worry about failed transactions. Subscriptions/Recurring Payments works with the BluePay payment gateway and also comes included in both the Free and Pro versions of Checkout Suite.

Subscrption Extension for Magento 2

Easy Subscription Management

Your customers can easily manage their subscriptions in their account dashboard. Add or change the payment method, edit the address, and even change the subscription frequency (if applicable).

Subscription Management for Magento 2
Subscriptin Management 2 for Magento 2

BluePay Payment Integration

IWD Subscriptions/Recurring Payments works with the BluePay gateway. The gateway is compatible with the latest versions of Magento, while also offering special transactional rates you can only get through IWD. Rock bottom rates and free subscription management makes this module the best on the market. BluePay will also be available on both the Free and Pro versions of Checkout Suite.


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BluePay for Magento 2
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