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We purchased the B2B suite almost 2 months ago now and we are happy with it, although we are still using it only in a test environment. We would be happier if all the great features planned for the next months would already be included but we find other ways around to get our solution ready for our busiest time of the year at the end of the summer. The sales/support/dev team is doing an excellent job following up on our requests. Because we are on such a tight schedule, we ask modifications within short delays and we always get a polite and efficient feedback. For sure we would like everything to be ready for yesterday but IWD is professional enough to do the task well before it releases it to us, which is the good way to go. All in all, we are happy with the service and the product so far.
Reviewed 8 months ago Guest
The functions of this extension are simple and fit. They are just right for our company as a furniture wholesaler. The sales we contact is very professional, he replied our email right away and gave us a detailed web meeting demo for every single function.

The only thing hesitated us is the monthly subscription. We prefer one time charge and own the code.
Reviewed 9 months ago Guest
Overall great product. Fits almost all of our needs but we also need request a quote feature. Once this feature is released it would be a complete 5 stars all around.
Reviewed 11 months ago Guest
This extension looks great and has all the functionality we needed, this is the main reason we chose it.
We had a few issues during installation but the support team was very responsive and help us resolve everything quickly.
Also after installation we needed so fix a couple of things and again we got great service.
Reviewed 12 months ago Guest
This extensions has saved us a ton of time and money! We were looking at building many of these tools custom until we found this solution which fits us perfectly. We wanted to customize some sections but this was very easy and painless. IWD was a huge help on getting this up and running for us in no time!
Reviewed 1 year ago Guest