POS System for Magento

Designed for Usability & Faster Checkout

  • Automatically syncs your Magento products & inventory, shipping, & payment methods
  • Compatible on desktop & tablet devices
  • Manages multiple Magento stores
  • Supports simple, configurable, & bundled products
  • Supports cash payments
  • Breakdown sales reports for POS & website
  • Track sales performance by sales associate
  • View product details in Quick View pop-up
  • Guest checkout feature for walk-in customers
  • Scan items into the shopping cart with a barcode scanner
Manage Your Magento Store

Easily Manage Your Store

  • Create and manage the status of orders
  • Manage POS & website orders
  • Email orders to customers
  • Create, search, and print invoices & shipments
  • Set POS exclusive shipping methods
Manage Customer Accounts with Magento POS

Increases Customer Support

  • View & checkout items in your customer's shopping cart & wish list
  • View & reorder customer's previous orders
  • Quickly create new customer accounts
Magento POS Hardware

Supported Hardware

  • Compatible with USB credit card readers & barcode scanners
  • iPad: ID Tech Shuttle credit card reader
  • iPad: Compatible with any bluetooth & iOS enabled barcode scanners
  • Supports thermal receipt printers

Admin Features

POS Admin Features

1. Configurations

  • Enter IWD POS account email and password
  • Specify which Magento Admin users will have access to the POS
Configure Magneto POS Extension

2. Account Information

  • Displays whether your account is active or not

3. Global Configuration

  • Specify printing format for receipts

4. Quick Checkout Configuration

  • Provide standard information to be used when "Walk In Customer" is selected
Card Present POS

5. Authorize.net Card Present

  • Enable card present mode if the POS is being used in a physical retail store
Point of Sale for Magento

6. Require Customer Account Creation

  • Specify if creating a customer account is required in order to checkout

7. Barcode Configurations

  • Specify which attribute will be used for the barcode scanner
  • Choose to automatically add the product to the cart if successfully scanned
  • Clear the search bar after each scan
Magento POS Barcode Scanner

8. Shipping Restriction

  • Select which enabled shipping methods will be shown on the POS and not your website
  • Specify which carriers you only want to be available in POS
Restrict POS Payment Methods

9. Shipping Restriction

  • Select which enabled payment methods will be shown on the POS and not your website
How do I sync my products with the POS? The POS automatically syncs with your product's information, images, inventory, etc. Orders placed on the POS will update your inventory in Magento and vice versa. Can you apply coupons in the POS? Yes, the POS allows you to add coupons to an order. Coupons that are active in your Magento store will display in the POS. Can I use my card present account? Yes, if you have an Authorize.net Card Present account then you can enable and configure this in the POS settings.
Compatible With

Community: 1.7-1.9, Enterprise: 1.12-1.14

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