Magento Quick View

Easy to use Quick View pop-up

Adds a Quick View button to products on the category page for customers to learn more about the product and add the product to their shopping cart without having to leave the category page!
Magento Quick View Popup

Displays product information in a pop-up

Customers can configure products, specify quantity, and add to cart. Includes image zoom, slider, and ability to easily change the color of the add to cart button.
quick view photoshop files included

Fully Responsive

Widescreen View
Magento Quick View Widescreen View
Standard View
Standard View for Magento Quick View Extension
Tablet View
Responsive Magento Quick View
Mobile View
Mobile Quick View

Admin Features

Magento Quickview Configurations

1. Quick View configurations

  • Enable / disable extension
  • Choose to use a custom add to cart or standard button
  • Enter the text to use on the quick view button
  • Choose the colors to use for the add to cart button, add to cart text, and add to cart hover
Quick View Zoom Settings

2. Zoom and image slider configurations

  • Specify size of the image zoom
  • Enable / disable image slider
  • Specify image slider size
  • Specify zoom ratio
I need to adjust the pop-up design for your Magento Quick View extension, where can I do this? Quick View main css file is located here - skin/frontend/base/default/css/iwd/quickview.
Compatible With

Community: 1.5-1.9, Enterprise: 1.12-1.13

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