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Elon, what are you waiting for? When will you relocate Tesla’s HQ to Austin, Texas?

IWD Agency is an eCommerce agency headquartered in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas. We love to see our community thrive and grow with exciting technology brands. We love our city for the tech scene, music, food and the outdoor things to do. Overall it is one exciting city and an awesome place to live and work. 

Most major technology brands already have a huge presence in Austin, Texas, and are wondering when Tesla will join us. Some of the top brands with campuses already in Austin include Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Favor, Atlassian, Adobe, Oracle, Big Commerce, Google.  The list goes on.

Here are some signs as to why we think Tesla is already in progress of making the move:

  • Elon Musk has recently hinted that Austin is on his radar by changing his Twitter profile location to Austin Texas.

Tesla Elon Mush Austin TX

  • Elon has also polled his twitter following regarding building a Giga factory in Texas

Tesla Elon Musk Twitter Giga Factory Poll


  • To stay on Elon’s twitter updates he recently got upset with Alameda County and has tweeted that he will be moving his headquarters to either Texas or Nevada. While this might be a bluff, Texas leaders are jumping at the opportunity. 


Tesla Elon Musk Alameda County

Tesla Elon Musk Greg Abbott

    9 Reasons Tesla will Move to Austin Texas

    1. Texas is located in the middle of the country, making it a great place for distribution to the rest of the country and allowing for easy shipping of cars, both East and West. 

    2. Manufacturing skills in Texas are exceptional. Elon is very used to the Texas landscape as SpaceX already has campuses in Texas plus their partner Samsung manufactures their self-driving chips in the state.

    3. Tesla has stated many times they are a technology company that makes cars. It is important that they recruit the best engineers and programmers in the world. Austin has become a place known for its talented ecosystem of amazing technology-minded people.

    4. In general Texas’ cost of living is cheaper than California and in turn, is less expensive to recruit top talent.

    5. To build a Giga-factory or even as Elon hints, a Terafactory - these need even more space...which Texas has.

    6. Texas has a relaxed labor union.

    7. Texas is a hotspot for renewable energy.

    8. What is a better place to build a Cyber Truck or Tesla’s Semi Truck than the heart of Truck Country, Texas?

    9. Elon could save billions of dollars in income taxes by moving its headquarters to Texas. That alone has to be a pretty enticing benefit - even for a billionaire like Elon.

    We think it is highly likely that Tesla will make the move to Texas. So Elon, if you want a tour of Austin hit us up we’d be happy to show you around our amazing city! 

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