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Offer a quantity discount on a product listing or product page

Here is a quick, easy way to display these pricing options on a product listing or product page in the storefront.

Quick Note: You can apply these tiered discounts to a specific store view or customer group. If you have several products to update, you should opt to import the tier price changes, rather than enter them individually.

To learn more, see: ​Importing Tier Prices​

Sample Product

Magento Tiered Pricing Product Page

Overall Concept

Your prices in the storefront take precedence from the highest to the lowest quantity. If a customer adds any quantity between the tiers you create, the customer receives the discounted price that you specified for the quantity.
For example, in the above screenshot, the cost for any quantity ordered ranging from:
  • 1-9 items = $12
  • 10-19 items = $11.50
  • 20-49 items = $11
  • 50+ items = $10

In other words, as soon as the customer adds the 10th item, 20th item, or 50th item, the discounted price specified for that quantity supersedes the tier below it.


Add a Price Tier for a Product

  1. Open the product in edit mode.
    From your DASHBOARD on the far left of your screen, click on CATALOG and then PRODUCT.

    Magento Dashboard


    Magento Tiered Product Pricing Advanced Pricing

  3. In the CATALOG AND TIER PRICE section, click ADD.
    NOTE: If you’re creating a tier of several prices, click ADD for each additional level so you can work all tiers at the same time. Each tier in the group has the same website and customer group or shared catalog assignment, but a different quantity and price.

    Magento Tiered Pricing Advanced Pricing

    Configure the Price Tier

    1. If your store has multiple websites, choose the Website for which the tier pricing applies.

    2. If necessary, limit the availability of the pricing tier by selecting the CUSTOMER GROUP or SHARED CATALOG.

    3. For QUANTITY, enter the quantity that must be ordered to receive the discount.
    • Method 1: Enter PRICE as FIXED AMOUNT.
      Set Price to FIXED and enter the adjusted price for one unit at that tier.
      • Method 2: Enter PRICE as PERCENTAGE.
        - Set PRICE to DISCOUNT and enter the discounted price as a percentage off the base price of the product.
        - For example, for a 15 percent discount, enter the number 15. (The price is saved with two decimal positions, such as 15.00.)

        Magento Tiered Pricing Catalog and Tier Pricing

      Complete the Price Configuration

      1. To add another set of tier pricing for a different website or customer group, repeat the previous steps.
      2. When complete, click DONE and then SAVE.

      Final Product on Frontend

      The product page calculates the quantity discount and displays a message such as:

      Magento Tiered Pricing Frontend View

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