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Top Ecommerce Trends in Covid-19 Pandemic

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E-commerce trends in COVID19

So while the COVID19 epidemic is going on with e-commerce, some products and brands are exploding, and some are getting hit really hard. In today's episode, we'll go through some of the top brands and products that are trending upwards with e-commerce during the Covid epidemic.

So, while the COVID19 epidemic is going on, and many people are at home are quarantined to their house, a lot of people are ordering online to stay safe and stay quarantined. The easiest way to get goods to your house is to order them online. 

So today we'll go through some of the top products that are blowing up and trending on Google for e-commerce. So we'll start with the list of some of the more obvious ones. And then we'll go into some of the ones that you might not have thought about, toward the end, some nuance products that surprised me.

So some of the data where we got some of the data from as Google Trends we'll share with you the charts and what's trending upwards. So you know, before we even get into e-commerce, some of the things that are trending upwards are our fast food restaurants open today.

It's up almost 4,000% in Google Trends, everything that's trending upwards as this global epidemic is going on. Is, is a housing market going to crash that's up almost 700% in the last couple of days. So you know, people are worried out there people are worried about, you know, being able to get food people are worried about the housing market crash. People are worried about the stock market crash. Also, people are trying to stay safe and stay at home.

And so some eCommerce companies are really helping with that. And they're also blowing up and they're having a hard time staying up to date with the volume of orders that are coming in. A lot of these store owners, their products are going out of stock and they can't keep up with the demand. So, you know, to start off with some of the more obvious trends, great groceries that any kind of term related to grocery items is trending upwards, dramatically.

The brands that are really exploding with that at the grocery stores, obviously like HEB especially if they have delivery or curbside pickup, they're really getting a huge tick upwards.


Amazon obviously is, is blowing up there. They're trying to hire a ton more people. They're trending upwards. They're already a major brand. So the trend upwards is a little less noticeable. But you can tell by the Google Trends and the news posts that they're just having a hard time keeping up with demand plus a lot of your major items. Amazon is just being sold out left and right.

Instacart is another good example of an online brand that is just crushing it that they've kind of been turning flat for a while. And now they have really exploded and are trending upwards, you know, ordered on instacart a couple of times now. And it's been taking, you know, several days for me to get in the queue to be able to even get items delivered to the house. But it's a great way to stay quarantined and stay safe and to not be hitting you know, the mainstream or having to go to grocery stores or standard lines.

Obviously one of the big trending items, not only in stores but online is toilet paper. It's crushing it. So if you're a toilet paper manufacturer, you've been doing really well but it's also starting to come to normalization. If you look at Google Trends, it is kind of peaked around, you know, March 13 March 14, Tea that really had an upward trend. And now it's starting to level off a little bit more, which is good.

Hopefully, people didn't buy more than they need it. Hand sanitizer. It's another item that it's kind of like toilet paper it peaked initially. Now it's starting to trend a little bit further down hours.


People hopefully are not freaking out as much but it is still a big trending item now the thing that's been trending recently and you can tell that people are trying to bring in rations to their house in case the epidemic gets worse but canned good items.

That one is continuing to trend upwards. So that that one you know continues to be blowing up. If you looked at the Google Trends it's just going straight up. there with that being said the same thing with canned chicken.

That one is, is starting to trend upwards. Pretty high not quite as high as canned goods but you know, it's crazy to think about having canned chicken and how long that will actually last. So then you start going into like financial tight markets. Obviously, people are trying to keep their assets safe. So gold is an item that is trending upwards.

Bitcoin is trending upwards with Bitcoin not only trending upwards, but the price of bitcoin is, is starting to blow up as well.

So now some more of the nuance products that maybe some of you haven't thought about that is really starting to blow up but home gym equipment is just crushing it right now.

A lot of people are selling out of home gym equipment, the Bowflex, the world's are killing it. You can see on Google Trends that they have been just skyrocketing, trending upwards. terms like dumbbells, they're also trending upwards pretty high.

Rogue fitness has also been crushing it they have been trending upwards. Pretty fast as well.

Any fitness brand seems to be really blowing up right now, peloton that's a really cool bike where you can bike with other people. It's a way to say socially interactive while you're working out, they've been trending upwards really fast. So a lot of fitness equipment are selling out, dumbbells are still selling out. weights at home are selling out in a lot of different workout equipment. It's just selling off the shelf. So right now, people are staying healthy and they're doing this social distancing. So I think it's a good practice. Some other things that are kind of interesting that are trending upwards is the end of days books, people are thinking maybe this is the end of the time.

There's a book called the end of days by Sylvia Browne where she had done a lot of predictions and a lot of them were coming true and so that one is, is selling off the shelves.

Our guns are blowing up right now. ammunition online is trending straight upward so it's blowing up as well. So a lot of people are just trying to prepare in case the crisis continues to happen and get worse. Hopefully, it doesn't I think it's all going to be shaped out just fine but uh, you know, a lot of people are prepping for the worse. And you this is the time that those kinds of items really sell off the shelves, other items that are selling really well, or anything that any kind of activity you can do at home with the family.

So board games Xboxes anything like monopoly Scrabble, those seem to be doing really well right now as well. And then a lot of remotely working software seems to be doing well. So zoom meetings are blowing up. Standup desks, desk, office chairs. A lot of employees are starting to work from home and they need The equipment to do that. And those seem to be blowing up as well. Some of the things that are trending downwards are things like cars, basketball flights, had its peak, and then it's been going down recently.

And things like Airbnb, people are not planning on their vacation right now they're putting on hold. So, Airbnb is taking a hit. A lot of travelers have canceled their Airbnb s. And then a lot of people aren't planning their next trip. And so that's really taken to decline downwards. But then you know, a lot of our other eCommerce brands just because people are at home and they have some discretionary time, and some discretionary money they're spending online. And what's good about this too, is a lot of these e-commerce brands are a family run so they need you know, the income to be able to maintain their staff and to stay online and to pay their bills.

And so it's a good way to help out the economy is to be supporting these eCommerce brands, these smaller brands, to be supporting restaurants in your areas to be buying gift cards right now, you know trying to do your part and supporting the economy around you. So, if you like the content today, subscribe to this channel. And let us know what other kinds of tips topics and news about e-commerce you'd like to hear from us.


We all know that this Covid-19 Pandemic caused by novel coronavirus has forced the entire world to stay inside their homes. This pandemic did such a huge impact, that no one ever expected before.

With lockdowns around the world and limited access to markets, Ecommerce is stepping up. In this video, we'll be going through some of the top e-commerce Trends in Covid-19 Pandemic with Top products trending right now on Google Trends.

So stay tuned and let un know in the comments that which product you think will be trending next week?


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