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Top Ecommerce Trends during the Covid-19 Pandemic | IWD Agency

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Updated 10/24/20 

eCommerce Trends during COVID19

While the COVID-19 pandemic is going on, some eCommerce products and brands are exploding, while others are getting hit really hard. Today, we'll go through some of the top brands and products that are trending upwards with eCommerce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many people are quarantined in their houses, and a lot of them are turning to more online ordering to stay safe and kit themselves out while staying at home. 


We'll start with some that are more obvious, then go into some that might not have initially come to mind.  At the end, we'll touch on products a bit more nuanced that may be a little surprising.

 Any term related to "groceries" is dramatically trending upwards.

IWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results Groceries

Grocery store brands, especially those that offer delivery or curbside pickup, like HEB, are seeing a huge tick upwards.

IWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results HEB

Amazon is obviously blowing up, as well.  However, with them already a major brand, their upward trend is a little less noticeable.  A lot of their essential items are selling out quickly.  They are also having trouble keeping up with the influx in orders and are trying to hire a ton more people.  

IWD Agency | Amazon hires 10,000  more workers

Instacartis another good example of an online brand that is just crushing it.  They've been on a bit of a flat line recently but have not exploded. Their demand is so high at the moment that delivery options are only available several days out.  

IWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results Instacart

One of the big trending items, not only in stores but online as well, is toilet paper. Toilet paper is absolutely crushing it.  Toilet paper manufacturers must be smiling with the increasing trend over March 13 and March 14.  Now it's starting to level off a little bit more.

IWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results Toilet Paper

Hand sanitizer is another product, similar to toilet paper, that peaked heavily very early on, and is now starting to normalize again. 

IWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results Hand Sanitizer

Another trending item is canned goods.  People are stocking up on food items that are easy to store, that won't perish anytime soon in case the pandemic gets worse or continues longer than we anticipate.  If you look at the Google Trend, this line is just going vertically upwards.

IWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results Canned Goods

IWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results Canned Chicken

Now we start going into the financial markets. Obviously, people are trying to keep their assets safe. So gold is an item that is trending upwardsBitcoinis also starting to trend upwards.

IWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results Gold

IWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results Bitcoin

Now for some of the more nuanced products that some of you may not have thought about. 

Home gym equipment is on a major incline.  People can no longer go to the gym, so they're bringing the gym to their homes.  Dumbbells and Bowflex Weights are skyrocketing.

IWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results Home GymIWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results DumbbellIWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results Bowflex Weights

Pelaton has also been killing it.  Have a look at this gradient.  It's a great way to say socially interactive while you're working out.  

IWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results Pelaton

Overall, most fitness brands seem to be catapulting upwards.  People are staying healthy and social distancing.

Another product that is interestingly trending upwards is the book, End of Days, by Sylvia Browne.  

Other products that are on the rise, are guns and ammunition.  

IWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results Guns

Additionally, products that are trending, are any kind of activity you can do at home or play with the family. Board games, like Monopoly and Scrabble, and video game systems like Xboxes.

Then, there's a lot of people working remotely and from home now.  They'll be needing all the software, programs, and equipment they usually have at the office to keep them productive.

Zoom meetings are exploding. Standup desks, regular desks, office chairs are all on the rise.

IWD Agency Google Trends Google Search Results Zoom

On the opposite end, some of the goods we're starting to see a downward trend are cars, and flights since we all have to stay indoors.

Airbnb is also taking a hit, as people have cancelled vacations due to travel restrictions.  People have put future travel plans on hold, so the entire travel industry is on shaky ground.

A good way to help our economy right now is to support the smaller eCommerce stores.  These smaller brands are often small businesses run by families.  Support your local restaurants by ordering to-go meals, buy gift cards and do your part where you can.  

And let us know what other kinds of tips topics and news about e-commerce you'd like to hear from us.


Data source:  Google Trends


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