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We Don’t Just Walk the Walk. Or Talk The Talk.

Long Board is preferred


Comedy Shows or Boating


Traveling to new places

Joe McFerrin

Chief Executive Officer

Husband & Father of Twins


Can Beat Anyone in Arm Wrestling


Likes Spicy Food

Max Dmytrenko

Chief Technology Officer

Mexican Food & Wine Is a Hobby


Gym (to justify the queso)


Fluffy Pom, Zoey, rules my house

Lorin Stumph

Chief Strategy Officer

Vikings is just a good show


Can Make the BEST Chocolate Bon Bon


Coca Cola Advocate

Kate Suikovska

Lead Backend Developer

Loves his Cat


Gym & Skiing are preferred

Oleksandr Hryshchenko

Backend Developer

Enjoys a glass of Whiskey


Currently Watching: Witcher & GOT


Mars is his Cat

Bohdan Bohaichuk

Frontend Developer

Espresso Martinis for me


Aniston & Memphis are her babies


Wind down with a new movie

Jessica Andry

UX Designer

Get Sh*T Done University, is how we describe ourselves.

IWD Agency is the brainchild of founder and CEO, Joe McFerrin. The son of a chemical engineer, Joe was a natural problem solver. As he got older, this fueled his love for entrepreneurship and interest in business. Joe graduated from LSU with a degree in Information Systems and Decision Sciences (ISDS) and immediately began working in web development.


After a few years, Joe realized that his favorite projects were those for eCommerce companies. It just so happened that the entire industry was changing during this time, too. Joe began working on eCommerce sites exclusively just before Magento debuted. This gave him ample time to become an expert at using this platform, one that would go on to revolutionize eCommerce. It wasn’t long before the demand for Joe’s expertise grew to the point that he either needed help or had to give up sleep.


He chose to launch IWD Agency, an eCommerce agency that quickly grew to more than 50 staff members. After spending a number of years growing in Baton Rouge, Joe took his company to Austin, TX, as he believes it’s Silicon Valley 2.0. For the past 6 years, the agency has been among the 100 fastest-growing LSU graduate-owned companies.


Today, IWD focuses solely on designing, developing, and supporting eCommerce websites. We still love Magento but have also branched off into other popular platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more. Aside from developers, our team also includes SEO and PPC specialists, email marketers, social media experts, business analysts, and more. We pride ourselves on being a full-service eCommerce agency, one that can offer anything our clients need.


Custom Integrations Built


LSU Fastest Growing Business


Adobe Commerce Experts

Red Wine & Red Meat


Enjoys a game of european Football


1 Daughter, Lisa

Bogdan Iglinsky

Senior Full Stack Developer

Loves Sushi, or really any kind of fish


Can out drive you in any car


Loves her 2 kids,

Irina Lukyanchuk

Quality Assurance

Loves a night out with friends!


Has 2 baby dogs


Really into Anime and Manga

Ana Assunção

UX Designer

Could survive on gin & pierogis


A Friday Night out with friends is key


Saturdays with his dog Baks

Oleg Sergienko

Senior Full Stack Developer

Loves to meet up for tapas!


Spends time doing Floral Art


Loves her man & 3 kids


Julija Scerbina


Is Napping A Hobby?


Survives on Red Bull


But Really, Enjoys a good hike

John Greving

Head of Content and SEO

Husband is his favorite hobby


Loves to Travel with his wife


Use to play guitar in a band

Yaro Plotnitsky

Senior Full Stack Developer

Loves to build model trains & airplanes


His wife and kids are his pride & joy


Can outcode anyone!


Lead Backend Developer

Personal Input Achieves HUGE Impact


Able to show up and finish your work on time. Never have to question the quality of work.


We love coming up with and creating eCommerce solutions for clients who weren’t even sure what they wanted was possible. With our team, you’re only limited by your own ambition. Tell us what your eCommerce company needs to reach new heights and our innovative team of problem solvers will build it.

Team Player

Being able to step up to plate when needed even if it is not in your job description or your immediate team. One of the big reasons we’ve been so successful is that our staff covers a wide range of services, from development to marketing and more. Another important reason is that these experts know how to work together as a team to tackle any project.


Having a real drive in working for IWD and not slacking on producing your best work. eCommerce is a dynamic industry that is constantly changing. We keep an eye out for these changes, so that our clients never run into surprises, only opportunities.


Constantly produces quality work from designing, developing, testing, and customer service.

Dare you to challenge her to a Super Mario Bros competition


Knows the best spot in town for feijoada


Or she will just cook you her own!

Ana Carolina Pysklewitz

Project Manager

Can school you in PS5


When Not at the gym, a good bowl of pasta is my favorite


Kosha is my fluffy cat

Olha Matenchuk

Senior Full Stack Developer

His Netflix account is full of Supernatural reruns


Sharwma needs to be extra spicy


Relaxes by tuning his car

Artem Seshchenko

Quality Assurance

Looking for a a good pub friend, call Marcos.


Good chance he is picking Mexican food for dinner


Tray and catch him exploring on his motorcycle





Marcos Araujo

Senior Project Manager

Gets down to Disco


Exploring any new place by foot or snowboard


Drinks saki without flinching

Gabrielle Hartman

Client Experience Manager

Has yet to find any type of human food that she doesn't like.


My attitude is larger than my fluff


Ball is life


Food Inspector

Not sharing her food.


Only likes Olha.


I like cat food


Stress Ball

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