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Email Marketing Services

We want to be the only agency you will ever need. Your one-stop for development, strategy, design, and marketing.

eCommerce Email Marketing Done Right

Let IWD Agency become your partner in developing and implementing an effective eCommerce email marketing strategy. Among many other things, our team of email marketing experts can:

  • Segment your customer list into unique demographics and buyer personas
  • Create abandoned cart sequences that increase conversions
  • Establish effective drip campaigns that engage and build interest in your products,

We can even help with your email templates and content. Our creative geniuses are ready to lend their brainpower to your eCommerce email marketing projects. They are also very well-versed in utilizing email applications that integrate with your current eCommerce platform.


Email Marketing Agency for eCommerce | More Sales, More Customers

It has never been easier for your eCommerce company to leverage the power of email marketing. Our team will segment your current list and create defined marketing strategies for each unique demographic. If you’ve already created campaigns, we will identify opportunities to improve them with:

  • Email Acquisition
  • Abandoned Cart Sequences
  • Segmentation

Partner with our team of eCommerce email marketing experts and you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of powerful campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.

Abandoned Cart Email Automation:

Around 70% of carts are abandoned on an average eCommerce website! That's a lot of lost revenue. IWD Agency will set up eCommerce email sequences that capture more of the customers you work so hard to attract. In fact, we regularly see cart recovery rates above 15%!

Email Graphic Services:

Our team of experienced graphic designers will create professional email templates that make great first impressions, so recipients are more likely to take the time to read the copy. Not only will your emails look great, but they'll draw clicks, too, with powerful calls-to-action that earn the conversions your company deserves.

Customized Email Campaigns & Segmentation:

Our agency will effectively segment your eCommerce email list so that we can create drip, nurture, and promotional email campaigns that target the right customers with the right messages at the right times. Creating these kinds of customized campaigns is how we're able to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

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