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After you’ve put in the work to attract customers to your site, created a user-friendly environment that makes it easy for them to find what they need, and utilized time-tested conversion tactics that make them click “add to cart”, there’s still one last step involved.

If your checkout page drops the ball, all of your efforts – all that time and money you’ve spent – will be for nothing. No matter how flawless the rest of your sales funnel is, if your checkout page can’t convert, you won’t see the sales you deserve.

That’s why we’ve recently introduced our new Magento 2 One Page Checkout. It comes with everything you need to create checkout pages that significantly boost conversions.  On top of that, we’ve partnered with PayPal to bring you the most advanced payment processor on the market - PayPal Commerce Platform.

5 Reasons Our New Checkout Suite Will Improve Your Conversions

You literally cannot afford to leave your checkout page to chance. Instead of using Magento’s default option or entrusting this important final step to some bargain-bin extension, join the thousands of other companies that use our Checkout Suite for the following five reasons. 

1. Completely Customize Your Website’s Checkout Experience

Your site should have a checkout page that’s as unique as your company, not a default version that looks like everyone else’s. If you’re seeing high bounce ratesjustbefore the conversion, it might be that your customers are wondering just whom they’re buying from.

With the new IWD Checkout Suite, you’ll replace the typical Magento checkout page with an optimized version unique to your company. Our configurable solution will live right on your checkout page’s current URL. No need for a redirect or taking your customer to another site.

As we know that some checkout processes require several steps, we even offer one-page and multistep layouts.  One page checkouts allow for fewer friction points, and number of clicks, which increases the likelihood of closing a sale, therefore driving more revenue and growth opportunities.

Multistep layout comes with an optimized flow that reduces the amount of fields a user needs to complete before paying. This reduces the effort on the frontend for end users, and decreases abandoned carts.  It also enables you to easily trace the checkout funnel, step by step, to detect where your users are failing to complete their orders.

2. Drop Your Abandonment Rates

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a bloated cart-abandonment rate.

Unfortunately, many business owners assume that the solution must be better copy or improved graphics.  While those don’t hurt, they can’t make up for a subpar checkout page.  If yours doesn’t load quickly, customers won’t stick around long enough to see the copy or images anyway.

The same goes for a checkout process that involves too many steps or takes them to a completely different domain.  And unresponsive pages?  Forget about it.

Our checkout solution addresses all of these potential problems. It will streamline the entire process through a responsive interface that always loads quickly, so your customers place their orders faster than ever.

3. A Scalable Solution That’s Always Ready for Even More Sales

“Too many sales” might sound like a good problem to have, but it’s still ahugeone if your checkout page can’t handle an increase in new business. Imagine watching customer after customer leave your site even though they werejustabout to make a purchase.

The new IWD Checkout platform will improve your customer experience with a new and frictionless checkout process.

Just as important, it’s a scalable solution that will ensure you maximize conversions as your traffic increases. Integrate IWD Checkout across multiple stores and multiple platforms to ensure a seamless checkout experience for all your customers.

Create the same checkout experience for customers with multi-stores or multi-platforms.  No more headaches for your IT team.  No more watching your conversions fall as your traffic grows.

4. Designed to Work with the Most Advanced Payment Processor on the Market

The new IWD Checkout Suite was designed to work seamlessly with the most advanced payment processor on the market, PayPal Commerce Platform.

You will be able to take payments from:

  • More than 286 millionPayPal users
  • In over 100 different currencies
  • Across 200 international markets

Accept a variety of payment options, from credit cards to debit cards to other alternatives, based on your customer’s region.

Best of all, you can do this with confidence thanks to advanced fraud protection.

5. The IWD Checkout Suite Was Made for Everyone

Whether you work at a Fortune 500 company or are currently just a company-of-one, the IWD Checkout Suite is a perfect fit. Customize it to meet your exact needs. Customize it again if those ever change.

IWD Checkout was designed by our team of eCommerce experts to integrate flawlessly with Magento 2. Take a great platform and make it even better with a checkout page you can rely on to convert.

Grow Your Conversions with IWD Checkout

Don’t lose business that you’ve worked so hard to attract and convert. Finish strong with our new Checkout Suite.

We designed it for companies of all sizes and from every industry, so no matter what you sell, our solution will help you sella lot more of it.

Download and use IWD Checkout NOW.  It’s completely free!

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