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Founder Kevin Burns launched Urbanspace to serve customers who want one-of-a-kind modern interiors that reflect their individual styles.

Over the years, Urbanspace has stood out from the crowd by offering customers a team of full-service experts who can handle every aspect of creating these unique designs. No matter what their customers have in mind, the experts at Urbanspace can give it to them.

Combining that expertise with a massive inventory of high-end furniture has made the company extremely popular with home- and business owners who don’t want to settle where style is concerned.

Urbanspace Needed a Website as Customer-Friendly as They Are

Urbanspace had no problem impressing clients with their striking showrooms, enormous inventory, and unrivaled expertise. They weren’t lacking for past customers willing to sing their praises, either.

Where they were struggling was online.

When shoppers stopped by their website, it wasn’t quite as easy to prove why so many people love owning an Urbanspace interior.

The company needed a website that reflected how much they care about their clients, one that was effective, easy-to-use, and helpful.

Backend Redundancies Stifled Efficiency

For years, Urbanspace had an online showroom where customers could peruse their many pieces.

However, in order to buy one of those pieces, customers had to call or email the company’s sales team. Then, their salespeople would have to place the orders into Urbanspace’s POSandinvoicing systemsand then manually bill the customer based on the items being shipped.

This usually createda lotof back-and-forth between both parties. 

For example, B2B customers needed to gather certain documents to apply for a trade account with Urbanspace to earn preferred pricing. An Urbanspace rep would then have to review the documents and get back to the company if anything was missing or to approve them and provide the price.

All of these moving parts meant that every single time shoppers wanted to buy, inefficiencies were unavoidable. The process ate up a lot of time and critical tasks were often carried out more than once simply because it wasn’t clear they had already been completed.  

Hidden Prices Hurt Conversions

Urbanspace doesn’t just sell amazing high-end furniture.

They also customize the pieces so they’reexactlywhat their clients have in mind.

While this is yetanotherreason Urbanspace is in a league of their own, it meant that advertising their prices seemed impossible. Any component of any piece – from color to material – can be customized, but each changechangesthe final price tag, too.  

Even though guarding prices is an accepted practice in this industry – some manufacturers even insist on it – Urbanspace was left with lagging conversions. Customers had to call them for custom quotes. Unfortunately, many simply left their site and tried tracking down the prices elsewhere.

IWD Created a Custom Website That Gave Urbanspace Everything They Needed

After years of going above-and-beyond to provide custom interiors to their clients, Urbanspace deserved the same kind of treatment where their website was concerned.

Our team took the time to not just understand the problems they were facing but also what their ideal outcome looked like. Instead of just addressing the most immediate obstacles, we also leveraged our 15+ years of experience to anticipate other problems they might face, so we could build solutions for those, too.

Letting Customers Shop by Their Favorite Brands

Many of Urbanspace’s clients don’t need a lot of help picking out their favorite pieces. They come to their site with particular brands in mind.

We made it as easy as possible for those customers to find their favorite labels by implementing a user-friendly shop-by-brand feature.

Now, customers who know exactly what they want have no problem finding it.

Solving the Pricing Problem

To solve Urbanspace’s pricing problem, we created several different solutions.

First, we knew that some manufacturers would simply never let merchants show their prices. So, we made them only accessible to companies that first signed up for an account with Urbanspace. 

However, that wasn’t the case foreverybrand Urbanspace carries, so we identified which oneswouldallow pricing on their site and displayed those.

Any shopper who shows up to Urbanspace’s website can view these prices - no account required. This turned into a huge win for Urbanspace as it opened them up to a brand-new market: B2C customers. 

Furthermore, we set up configurations for these products, so that their customers could look at all of their options while accessing the price.

Next, we created a “request a quote” feature, so that B2BandB2C customers could contact the company directly when they wanted the price for aspecificpiece of furniture.

This feature actually had a big impact on the company’s conversion rate, as customers could now “build” the perfect piece of furniture in Urbanspaces’ online store, save it in a cart, request a custom quote, and then pick up right where they left off by completing their checkout. 

Allowing for 50/50 Payments

Just because your customers are willing to pay for the very best, that doesn’t mean they necessarily want to pay for it all at once.

Even if someoneis willing to cover the entire amount right away, giving them the option to pay half now and half later is an easy way to make sure they buynowinstead of giving them a reason to consider other options.

And for those who may be in for a bit of sticker shock, offering 50/50 payments means you’ll convert many shoppers who would have decided they needed to take their budgets elsewhere or simply settle for something closer to their price range.

So, by giving Urbanspace 50/50 payment functionality, we didn’t just increase their conversion rates. We were able to improve their average order value, too.

Creating Custom B2B Registration Form

To save Urbanspace the time and trouble of processing orders via phone calls and emails, we created a B2B form that companies can fill out with all the information required in one simple step.

No more back-and-forth.

No more inefficiencies.   

Just more satisfied customers who can quickly access the pricing they want for the furniture they need, apply for an account, and make a purchase. 

Our Website Redesign Skyrocketed Revenues in Just 6 Months

After making these changes to Urbanspace’s online space, the company immediately saw exciting results.

During the 6 months following the May 2019 launch:

  •        Traffic Improved by22.34%
  •        Conversions Improved by67.78%
  •        Revenue Improved by88.25%

Those are huge numbers over a very short window of time, but the improvements continued well into 2020.

Not Even COVID Can Slow Down Urbanspace’s Growing Numbers

The economic effects of COVID have touched just about every industry, including those that have historically enjoyed reliable online channels.

Urbanspace has continued to see better numbers during 2020, even as the economic effects of COVID have forced other companies to settle for a lot less.

Compared to Q1-Q3 of 2019, Urbanspace has seen:

  •        Traffic Increase by 24.27%
  •        Conversions Increase by 5.23%
  •        Revenue Increase by 8.97%

Sufficed to say, we’re optimistic about Urbanspace’s future, too.

The company now has an eCommerce website that fully supports their expansive inventory, unrivaled expertise, and commitment to customer service.


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