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Runners Athletic Apparel

How did we manage to grow the site’s organic traffic by more than 4,000% in just one year.


  • UX Audit
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Brand Development
  • eCommerce Development


  • Shopify
  • Klaviyo
Challenge Opportunity

Runners Athletics is an athletic wear brand that focuses primarily on running sunglasses, though it recently introduced a line of hats, dog leashes, and crossbody bags. Safe to say, they were not lacking for competitors.


Runners website had only be active for a little over two years when they came to IWD Agency for help. They were looking for an agency that would help them compete with other companies like Blenders.


So, how did we manage to grow the site’s organic by more than 4,000% in just one year?

Organic Traffic

+ 4173%

YoY Revenue

+ 555%

Average Order Value

+ 120%


The temptation is always to go after the keywords that promise the most potential traffic, but when Runners was just getting started, the site didn’t stand a chance fighting for those terms against much bigger competitors.


So, while we optimized our product pages for many of these words, we also listed out less-competitive alternatives that we could target and win. Doing this meant gaining customers early on but also building valuable trust with Google around keywords that mattered. This gave us a foundation of authority we could build on to then go after the more popular keywords we really wanted.


Besides going after the typical non-branded keywords, we blogged and backlink, backlink and more backlinks.


Brand Awareness was heavily placed on paid ads and email marketing through Klaviyo with an extensive abandoned cart strategy.


In a world with many competitors, we also needed Runners to stand out and speak to its audience. IWD Agency had to do a competitor analysis and dive in deep into what other similar brands were doing and rethink their user experience across their entire site.


Executing SEO strategies for reliable organic traffic was only the start, though. With a new brand launch, logo, product packaging and user experience upgraded, IWD Agency was able to give Runners a voice in the performance apparel world.


While we continue to grow those numbers, our team has also begun optimizing product listings for Google Shopping to increase sales without increasing overhead.


So, while growing traffic by 4,173.28%and skyrocketing revenue by 554.68% is impressive, we plan on coming back next year with even better results.

“Working with IWD Agency as been the best decision for Runners. We saw an insane amount of growth not just financially but overall as a company in terms of direction and voice. It's only up from her”

Joe McFerrin

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