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Looking for Magento Code Audit Services?

You could be a single Magento code audit away from getting the most from your Magento/Adobe Commerce website. Let our world-class team conduct a thorough review of your Magento store to make sure your code is up-to-date, secure, and streamlined. Contact us to schedule your audit today.

What Is a Magento Code Audit?

In the competitive world of eCommerce, it’s vital that your Magento store is always operating as intended. Even small inefficiencies can cost you traffic and revenue. Major problems can hurt your bottom line even more. And the longer your Magento website’s problems persist, the higher the likelihood that they will evolve into something worse.


That’s why Magento audits are so important. While Magento is a particularly impressive eCommerce platform renowned for its scalability, security, and efficiency, its performance is still only as good as the code that powers it. Major changes – even technical improvements – can often affect this code in a way that negatively affects the rest of the site. During our comprehensive Magento code audits, we’ll delve into various aspects to ensure your eCommerce platform's optimal performance.


First, we’ll look for any JavaScript errors directly from the browser console and highlight superfluous files within the primary code directory. Removing these unnecessary files can significantly enhance Magento's efficiency all by themselves.


Then, we’ll examine the very foundation of your platform by examining the code core's integrity. This step is crucial to determine if there have been any unauthorized edits or hacks, which can profoundly impact the security, stability, and any future upgrade processes of your site.

Third, we’ll inspect your site’s theme and any other frontend aspects of your Magento website. We’ll meticulously review third-party themes to verify that they align with Magento's coding standards and determine if any updates are required.


Why is a Magento Code Audit Essential?

Magento/Adobe Commerce is a complex eCommerce platform that has practically endless potential for customization. It’s why so many household names rely on Magento to dominate their markets.

But it’s also why a Magento code audit is so important as you grow your site. Endless customization is all well and good until you’ve customized yourself into a website that does more harm than good.


Improved Safety: 

In today's digital landscape, reliable website security is absolutely essential. Even a minor weak spot can jeopardize your company. During our Magento code audit, our team will look for these kinds of weak points to ensure your site is protected against looming cyber threats.


Better Site Responsiveness: 

Maintaining a swift and efficient site is crucial for keeping Google happy and, of course, your customers. Our audit will delve deep to uncover and address any glitches or inefficiencies that may be slowing your site down.


Quality Assurance:

An audit isn't merely about finding potential flaws in your code. It's just as much about finding ways to improve what’s already working well. Using a combination of manual reviews and state-of-the-art tools, our audit is aimed at confirming that your code is optimized for the best possible performance.


Cost Effectiveness: 

Taking proactive measures is a smart way to save money in the long run. By detecting and fixing issues with your code early on, you can cut down on future development expenses and potential profit losses due to site disruptions, performance problems, and security incidents.


In short, an effective Magento code audit is all about making sure that the building blocks of your site are firing on all cylinders.

Speak to a Magento Developer About Your Code

How Our Magento Code Audit Works

A Magento code audit is a meticulous examination of your website's codebase. Think of it as a health check-up for your online store. Our seasoned Magento developers dive deep into the code to unearth any potential issues, errors, or vulnerabilities that might be lurking beneath the surface. The primary goal? To bolster the security, enhance the performance, and ensure the scalability of your Magento website.


Magento Code Audits Customized to Your Unique Site

Every eCommerce business is unique, and so are its needs. Whether you're seeking a one-time review or would like to sign up for ongoing support, our team will tailor its audit process to align with your specific requirements. From security checks to performance optimizations, our audit services have you covered.


The Bottom Line

A Magento code audit is an investment in your eCommerce platform's future. It's about taking proactive steps today to ensure a smoother, more secure, and more efficient tomorrow. With our expert team by your side, you can navigate the eCommerce landscape with confidence, knowing your Magento site is optimized for success.

When Is It Time for a Magento Code Audit?

There are a number of times when it may make sense to review the code on your Magento site to make certain there aren’t any issues keeping your business from attracting traffic, engaging customers, and generating revenue. Over the years, the most common reasons companies have contacted us for a code review are:

  • The performance of your current Magento site isn't meeting expectations
  • You have recently seen a loss in revenue that can’t be explained
  • You want a team of Magento experts to doublecheck your developers’ work
  • You’re concerned about the clarity, quality, and overall effectiveness of your Magento site’s code
  • Backend or frontend features aren’t working as you had intended
  • The frontend of your Magento site doesn’t look right
  • You’ve noticed problems with broken links or unresponsive tabs
  • Interface errors are occurring
  • Your Magento website has crashed recently
  • Your Magento theme isn’t working correctly
  • You want to make sure that every Magento extension, plugin, and other integrations are updated to their latest versions
  • You are planning to migrate your eCommerce website to Magento 2/Adobe Commerce
  • You are planning to scale up your Magento website in the near future

These are the most common reasons, but there are plenty of others. If you think a Magento code audit may be necessary, contact us to speak with our team. Often, a full audit isn’t necessary to correct some minor issues, but we can recommend the right solution once you tell us about your concerns.

What to Expect from Your Magento Code Audit

Every Magento audit is different depending on the company, but the following is a general outline of how our team will review your website and deliver results.

1. Initial Code Review:

In preparation for our initial call with your team, our Magento developers will give your site a brief review to better understand any particulars they should bring up during that first meeting. This is, by no means, a comprehensive audit. We’re just looking for any obvious issues that jump out at us or that we may want to ask you about during that call.

2. Consultation Call:

Before diving into a full-blown Magento code audit of your eCommerce website, our agency conducts a thorough consultation call. Leveraging our extensive experience in Magento development, we’ll ask the right questions to determine the best approach tailored to your needs. Additionally, during this phase, we'll gather the essential credentials needed to initiate the audit.

3. Submit the SOW for the Code Audit:

After this phone call, we’ll come up with a game plan for our audit unique to your website and based on what we’ve learned from our conversation. We’ll then submit an SOW (Scope of Work) to your company, so that every step is in writing, including an estimate for how long it will take and a quote for the total cost. If you have any questions about the SOW or need any changes, you can always send it back with these requests. We want to make sure you’re 100% comfortable with the process before we get started.

4. Conduct Magento Code Audit:

With the SOW agreed upon, we’ll begin our in-depth analysis of your Magento code.

This will include a review of:

  • Your site’s overall performance
  • Your website’s codebase
  • Any changes that have been made to your site’s core code
  • Your site’s integrations with third-party extensions
  • Any of your site’s custom extensions
  • Your server’s logs
  • Theme and front-end assets
  • Database performance and issues
  • Security patches and known vulnerabilities

If we find any issues that require your attention right away, we’ll contact you ASAP and schedule a follow-up phone call if necessary.

5. Deliver Completed Report:

Otherwise, you’ll receive the result of our audit in a thorough report that details any issues we found when reviewing your Magento code, why these findings matter, and what we recommend you do about it. This report may also include recommendations for other Magento Development Services that we recommend.

6. Review Our Analysis with Your Business:

We want to make sure you completely understand our report, so our team can also jump on another call to take you through every finding. This also gives you an opportunity to ask our developers any questions you have about the results.

7. Implement Recommended Changes:

If you’d like, our team can carry out the recommended changes we made in our report, but there’s absolutely no requirement that you use our team for this work. You can handle it yourselves or hand it off to another Magento development agency if you want.

Schedule a Code Audit for Your Magento Site Today

Contact us today to schedule your to speak with our team about how our Magento code audit services can benefit your business.

Magento Code Audit FAQ

If you have any questions about what a Magento code audit entails, we’d love to hear from you.

However, here are the most common questions we’ve gotten about Magento audits over the years.


How Much Does the Code Audit Cost?

The cost to audit your website’s Magento code will depend on the size of your site, specific challenges unique to your website, and other factors that we’ll cover in the Scope of Work prior to beginning our review.


How Long Will My Code Audit Take?

Our Magento developers have the experience to conduct complete audits relatively quickly, but we can’t give an exact timeline until we are able to do that initial review. Obviously, large sites generally take longer, but it also depends on the theme you use, any changes you’ve made to the core code, extensions you’ve integrated with your site, any custom features you’ve added, etc.


Will You Need Access to My Magento Site?

Yes, before we can review your Magento site, we will need credentials to access it. This way, we can do a complete audit that examines your front-end and back-end code. We may also need access to your Git, SVN, SSH, theme code package, and server, as well as your Google Analytics and Search Console, so we can check for problems potentially being caused by issues with your site’s code.


Will You Need Access to My Server?

We will probably request access to your website’s server, though it’s not always necessary to address code issues affecting your website.


How Often Should I Have My Magento Code Audited?

Most companies should probably review their Magento code at least twice a year.

But it’s also a good idea to conduct one after any major change you’ve made to your eCommerce site or, as we mentioned earlier, if you suspect underlying issues are affecting its performance.


Does This Include a Magento SEO Audit?

At IWD, we offer a number of different audit services and auditing your Magento website’s SEO is one of them.


While we don’t automatically include a review of your website’s SEO efforts when reviewing your code, we can certainly have one of our SEO experts audit your site for this purpose.

Contact us if you’d like to speak with our team of Magento experts today about reviewing your site’s code ASAP.

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