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Salesforce Development Services – App Development and More

Salesforce development services that range from implementation to custom app development and more. We can tailor any of these services, so they work perfectly for your unique business.

Why Choose Our Salesforce Development Company?

We are a premier development and consulting agency, which offers a number of different services all aimed at getting the absolute most out of everything that Salesforce can do for your business. With expertise spanning across multiple Salesforce dimensions, here's a concise overview of what we bring to the table:


Consulting Services:

  • We can answer important questions like: Does your company need Salesforce? What could it do for your company? What would implementation look like? How much would it cost?
  • If Salesforce doesn’t make the most sense for your business goals, we can recommend another platform or service that would.
  • Our Salesforce development company can also help you better understand what goes into custom app development and what it could do for your organization.


Core Competencies:

  • Implementation: Our team will ensure your Salesforce deployment aligns with your business goals, whether that’s more sales, better lead generation, greater communication, or anything else.
  • Integration: They’ll also seamlessly blend Salesforce with other platform, tool, solution, or service you depend on to run your business.
  • Custom Development: We can tailor Salesforce to fit any of your unique business needs, as well.
  • Salesforce ISV Development: Our developers can create specialized Salesforce Independent Software Vendor solution.


Salesforce Apps Development:

  • An app within Salesforce isn't just a tool. It should work as a sophisticated system that is able to organize data, streamline processes, and generate actionable insights for your unique business. This service ensures your Salesforce apps are doing exactly that.
  • Whether you're looking for new mobile or web app development, customizing existing ones, or seeking comprehensive project support, our Salesforce development services are exactly what you need.


Salesforce Transformation:

  • We understand the paradigm shift Salesforce brings to businesses by uniting employees, vendors, and customers for optimal efficiency. Whether through initial consulting or ongoing support, our team will work with yours to make sure your transition into using Salesforce is flawless.
  • Our Salesforce development services extend from Salesforce1 mobile apps, Force.com, API development, to intricate customizations and third-party integrations. Our IoT developers can leverage the latest technologies to help you forge enduring customer bonds that drive your KPIs.


Comprehensive Salesforce Solutions:

  • Our aim is to help you amplify your Salesforce returns as much as possible. From streamlining organizational processes to boosting ROI, we're committed to driving tangible results.
  • Our team of veteran developers and solution architects cater to businesses of all sizes, industries, and sectors. Our suite of services encompasses Consulting, Mobile App Development, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Lightning, Marketing Cloud, and much more. If there’s something we can’t do, we’ll put you in contact with someone who can.


Trust our Salesforce development services with your company’s needs, and watch your business grow.

Leave the development to the experts.

5 of the Most Popular Salesforce Solutions We Offer Customers

We pride ourselves on tailoring all of our Salesforce services to each of our customers, even if we’ve already had experience helping similar businesses in the past. But, in general, the four most popular Salesforce services business owners contact us for are:


1. Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce is a fantastic platform, but if it isn’t implemented correctly, you’ll never enjoy its full potential. That could mean lackluster sales, dropped leads, or poor customer satisfaction. But the specific things you need from Salesforce and what another company needs can be two completely different things.


So, before we begin installing and configuring Salesforce for your unique company, we’ll take the time to understand what exactly you want to use this powerful platform to accomplish. Once we understand exactly what you need, we’ll get busy installing and meticulously customizing Salesforce, so it works perfectly with your site and business model.


2. Salesforce Migration Services

Our team of developers can also help you migrate your business from its current system, whether it’s on-premises or cloud-hosted, to the dynamic world of Salesforce. This is a multifaceted project that is both intricate and nuanced, which is when our salesforce developers’ experience becomes vital. We’ll be sure to walk you through the entire process before we get started, so you understand every step involved.


With a keen understanding of the complexities involved, our team ensures that the migration process is executed with meticulous precision, safeguarding your data's integrity and ensuring a seamless transition to Salesforce (including a new cloud environment, if applicable). With our dedicated team, you can be confident in a migration process that's thorough and effective.


3. Salesforce Integration Services

Our team of developers is also adept at seamlessly weaving Salesforce into the fabric of your current infrastructure of vital technologies. Whether it's integrating with third-party applications, cloud storage tools, ERP systems, marketing automation platforms, payment gateways, workflow management software, or any other system, we've got the expertise required.


When we take this type of Salesforce integration project, it's not just about connecting systems. It’s just as much about ensuring that every integration aligns with the best practices of Salesforce, guaranteeing not just compatibility but also enhanced performance and efficiency. Like our other Salesforce solutions, this type of project is also about making certain that your team understands how this platform will work with these other solutions, so they feel confident relying on them for results.


4. Salesforce Development Services for Your Cloud Environment

No matter what kind of cloud environments your company depends on to serve its customers, we have the experience to integrate them with Salesforce.


Sales Cloud

Empower your sales teams with our tailored app solutions designed to manage leads, monitor conversion funnels, and expedite routine procedures. We ensure that sales operations are streamlined, efficient, and agile to meet ever-changing market demands.


Marketing Cloud

Harness the full potential of your customer data with our expertise. We enhance the automation and analytics capabilities of the system, refining integrated tools for email marketing, social media marketing, and advertising. This omnichannel strategy facilitates seamless customer engagement, ensuring that marketing teams can effectively track activities and results, leading to more sales.


Service Cloud

We provide innovative solutions that boost the productivity and responsiveness of customer service teams. By integrating all touchpoints, we present a comprehensive view to support teams, enabling timely and tailored resolutions. Our offerings also extend to cutting-edge AI-driven features such as chatbots to further optimize customer interactions.


Community Cloud (now Experience Cloud)

We specialize in developing online portals within the Experience Cloud that act as hubs for knowledge bases, chats, forums, and more. These platforms foster improved communication and information sharing among employees, customers, and partners. Our team ensures seamless configuration, optimization, and integration of this application with your existing systems.


Commerce Cloud

Leveraging our extensive experience in eCommerce development, we excel in Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrations. Whether it's incorporating vital features or enhancing the user experience through superior UX/UI designs, we've got you covered. And if what you really need is a headless store approach, we’ll know exactly how to proceed.


Health Cloud

Benefit from Salesforce's robust CRM tailored for the healthcare sector. It's designed to aggregate extensive patient data, streamline record management, and ensure seamless communication among all stakeholders. We're here to guide its deployment, configuration, integration, and customization to suit your specific needs.


Financial Cloud

Tailored for entities in the financial domain, especially those in banking and insurance, the Financial Cloud offers holistic wealth management solutions. Should you seek to transition to this cloud system and fine-tune it to your unique workflow, our seasoned team is ready to help, ensuring that your financial operations run smoothly and efficiently.


No matter what cloud environment your company depends on to connect its employees, serve its customers, and reach new goals, our Salesforce development team has the experience to make it happen.


5. Salesforce Package Development Services

Our team of Salesforce specialists excels in crafting both managed and unmanaged packages, tailored to enhance your current product or innovatively built from the ground up.


Our Package Development service encompasses the entire Salesforce development spectrum, from meticulous requirement analysis to the final stage of app deployment on AppExchange. Throughout this kind of project, we prioritize robust security measures and ensure impeccable data encryption, guaranteeing a product that's not just efficient but also completely secure.

Support and Maintenance Services from Our Experienced Salesforce Developers

No matter which Salesforce development services you decide are best for your business, you can also elect to retain our team of developers for ongoing support and maintenance. Many businesses choose this service when they’re first getting started with Salesforce or after they’ve had custom apps developed just for peace of mind. They know if they have any questions, our team is just a quick phone call away. Whatever you have in mind for your Salesforce project, you can count on our team of developers for the support and maintenance services you need to hit your goals.

Custom Salesforce Development Services for Apps

While Salesforce is incredibly powerful “out-of-the-box”, it can do even more when our Salesforce development team customizes apps for your specific needs. This type of project has easily become one of the most popular we offer because of how powerful the result can be for any companies’ unique goals.

Salesforce App Customization:

So, while the Salesforce AppExchange offers a number of impressive solutions, we recognize that preexisting products might not always align perfectly with every business's unique requirements.


Whether it's a mismatch in functionalities, prohibitive subscription costs, or language support limitations, we're here to bridge those gaps, so you get the most from your Salesforce integration. Our team specializes in enhancing your Salesforce experience through bespoke coding, ensuring your platform is tailor-made to suit your exact needs and preferences.


Have other software solutions in mind for making the most of Salesforce? We can help there, too. Our team has decades of experience in software development, having built a wide range of solutions for clients from scratch

Salesforce Mobile Application Development Services:

Mobile application development is another Salesforce solution that has become increasingly popular in recent years. And it’s not hard to see why. Our team can create custom Salesforce mobile applications tailored to your needs, whether for Android or iOS, ensuring they align with your business objectives. In fact, we can even leverage cross-platform Salesforce mobile APIs to achieve your desired result.


We can create native, hybrid, and SF1 mobile app solutions. These kinds of apps can empower your business to easily access vital information, foster collaboration among teams, and elevate user engagement. With a foundation in the robust Salesforce ecosystem, you can trust these custom mobile apps to be secure, scalable, and tailored to your unique requirements.

Salesforce Lightning App Development Services:

The Salesforce Lightning App Builder lets you tailor the Salesforce platform without any kind of complicated coding. As Salesforce puts it, the Builder is literally a “point-and-click tool” so you can easily create the kinds of custom pages you want for your mobile app or Salesforce Lightning Experience. If you’d like help learning the ropes, just let us know.


Otherwise, our team specializes in crafting bespoke Lightning components that perfectly complement your app dashboards. Beyond that, we assist in fine-tuning, seamlessly integrating, and scaling your apps, all while elevating their user experience. Our adeptness with the Lightning platform enables us to deliver top-tier Salesforce apps, furnished with custom components that are optimized for any device or platform. With us, you receive a synthesis of innovation and functionality.

AppExchange Development Services:

Maybe you’re interested in Salesforce apps because you want to sell them on the AppExchange. We can help with that, as well. Our seasoned team of developers aren’t just proficient at understanding our own customers’ needs. They can also distillate and understand what your customers want from Salesforce apps, too.


Beyond the realm of app development, our expertise isn’t confined to just the initial creation phase. We're committed to offering ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that the solutions remain relevant, functional, and in sync with evolving requirements. When you collaborate with us, you’re not just receiving a technical solution. You’ll gain a partner dedicated to your sustained success on the AppExchange platform.

Support and Maintenance Services for Your Salesforce Apps:

We offer support for all custom apps across every Salesforce cloud. Whether you want to make sure you have immediate assistance post-launch or are interested in ongoing maintenance, our team will be ready to make sure you’re 100% comfortable with using your new Salesforce app. After the launch, our team’s focus will be on ensuring smooth operations, preempting potential challenges, and prompt troubleshooting. As we transition to a long-term maintenance arrangement, our Salesforce services will include updating and refining your new Salesforce ecosystem in response to emerging technologies and shifting business goals.


Rest assured, your Salesforce apps will remain efficient, secure, and aligned with your objectives.

Salesforce Consulting Services:

Making the most of Salesforce isn’t easy. It’s a robust platform with endless potential for all kinds of detailed customizations. This is why so many companies come to us for consulting before proceeding with other Salesforce solutions we offer. After all, your business is unique, so it makes sense that your Salesforce requirements would be, too.


At IWD, we don’t do “one-size-fits-all” services. Instead, we’ll take the time to understand your unique business objectives so we can align our Salesforce development services with your most ambitious goals. We also understand that enhancing Salesforce’s functionalities might mean revisiting other aspects of your organization. Our team is equipped and eager to support you in every facet, from site development to marketing to analytics and more.


We don’t just implement Salesforce. We strategize. From platform enablement to best practice establishment, our mission is to make Salesforce the invaluable asset your business needs to reach its full potential.

Getting Started with the Salesforce Service You Need

Ready to move forward with Salesforce? Not sure which services make the most sense for your goals or if you should just start with consulting?


Contact us today for a completely free, no-obligation call and we’ll walk you through the next steps and go into more detail about how our team of Salesforce developers can help you grow your business.

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