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Welcome to the eCommerce Playbook podcast brought to you by IWD agency where we share tools tips and tactics from industry-leading experts to help you take your e-commerce game to the next level.

We sat down with Quentin who has been with ShipperHQ for over four years now. ShipperHQ is the leading storefront shipping management solution for eCommerce. Their suite of customizable shipping tools help merchants get accurate rates, set up shipping discounts and promotions and use shipping as a differentiator from competitors. ShipperHQ’s features include everything a retailer needs to manage their complex shipping logic and creates a better experience for buyers in the cart and checkout. This includes dimensional rating, multi-warehouse shipping, address validation and more. They also have a robust date and time feature. For example, merchants like Penn State Creamery use it to control their perishable shipping needs and offer a calendar selection for specific delivery or in-store pickup dates.

Why you should be using ShipperHQ

At IWD, we consider ourselves the wedding coordinators of eCommerce. In other words, we're not necessarily the experts at everything, but we connect you with the ones who are. The great people at ShipperHQ are the experts when it comes to all things shipping scenarios and the eCommerce shipping experience. Joe McFerrin, CEO of IWD agency, started working with ShipperHQ close to 10 years ago. This was back when ShipperHQ started out creating Magento 1 shipping extensions under the name WebShopApps. They have worked with all types of businesses selling all kinds of products, including difficult to ship items like ice cream, antique weapons and even sharks. They are completely platform agnostic and have ready-to-go integrations with Magento 1 and 2, BigCommerce, Shopify, and more. Plus, they just announced a partnership with Salesforce and will be coming to Salesforce B2C Commerce merchants in Q1 of 2020 (recently, we began offering Salesforce development services, as well). In addition, they offer an open API, so retailers on other platforms and fully-custom enterprise customers can build ShipperHQ in wherever they need shipping rates.

The new ShipperHQ PWA (Progressive Web App)

In conclusion, great things are coming to ShipperHQ this year and next. In 2019 they launched the PWA (progressive web app) powered Enhanced Checkout. This new feature empowers merchants to offer a totally new checkout experience with Amazon-style split shipping, convenient delivery options like click and collect and detailed order information on the backend for fulfillment. Plus, the Enhanced Checkout is an out-of-the-box solution requiring no additional development time or cost. Learn more about ShipperHQ and their PWA Enhanced Checkout here. Learn more about ShipperHQ and their PWA (progressive web app) here. *Get one FREE month of ShipperHQ by reaching out to their sales team and mention that we sent you ;) sales@shipperhq.com *Check out our Address Validation for Magento 2 and improve your shipping ROI* Stay tuned for our next Podcast featuring the VP of Yotpo and learn how social proof can increase your revenue in the eCommerce industry. Thanks for tuning in!


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