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Penn State Berkey Creamery

How a company shipped ice cream nation-wide and saw AOV improve by 15%.


  • Custom Website Development
  • User Experience
  • M1 To M2 Migration
  • Maintenance


  • Adobe Commerce
  • MailChimp
  • ShipperHQ
Challenge Opportunity

Penn State University’s Berkey Creamery came to IWD Agency with the grand idea that they wanted to be able to offer their world famous ice cream, NATION-WIDE. The creamery wanted a site with a modern aesthetic and fully-customizable design, but one that paid homage to the creamery’s 150-year history.

Conversion Rate

+ 70%


+ 56%

Average Order Value

+ 15%


IWD Agency had to hike up their boots and figure out how to not only allow PSU Creamery's customers to receive ice cream, not melted, but how could we allow the customers to mix match the different flavors to maximize the space in a cooler being shipped.


We knew we needed to recruit the help of our friends over at ShipperHQ.


We also needed to test, implement, make changes and test again. The idea of adding ice cream to a shopping cart needed to be as user friendly as possible. Creating an Ice Chest that let the customer know how many pints (or gallons -yum) they could fit in their size was a learning process.


After initial launch, we were able to do a full UX audit on their site on a regular basis to see what changes we could make to really drive in revenue every year and improve their conversion rate.


IWD was able to design and develop a custome Adobe Commerce solution that allowed the Berkey Creamery to meet the demand for their unique flavors of ice cream nation-wide.


We have worked with the Berkey Creamery for over 10 years now, and have seen the start on Magento 1 to Magento 2 to Adobe Commerce cloud.


This really has allowed IWD Agency to a/b Test and do full UX audits to make the necessary changes to constantly be improving their Conversion Rate and see a 56% increase on revenue last year.



“IWD has been a solid partner for over seven years. They take the time to understand our business and develop custom solutions to meet our unique requirements. They know e-commerce inside and out, and bring a variety of expertise to the table to help us achieve our goals and stay a leader in our industry.”

Kate Oyler

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