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QC Supply

See how this farm and livestock King Increase their Revenue by 62%.


  • Custom Website Development
  • User Experience
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • M1 to M2 Migration
  • PWA


  • Adobe Commerce
  • Klaviyo
  • ShipperHQ
  • GroupBy
  • Microsoft NAV
Challenge Opportunity

QC Supply has been a staple in the agricultural industry since 1982. Back then, it operated out of a garage. Nowadays, it’s a recognized international brand trusted by farms, businesses, and resellers. They needed a website that matched this reputation.


QC Supply had enjoyed a lot of success thanks to Magento, but back in 2018, they faced a very common challenge for successful companies: their business had outgrown their website. QC Supply also had a few other requirements for their new Magento 2 site. In order to meet their every need, they wanted:

  • Integrate their custom AI Search Software
  • An upgrade from their B2C site to a B2B version that could accommodate a wider range of customers
  • An updated B2B portal, not the default “one-size-fits-all” option.
  • Oh, and they wanted it to be PWA, accessible to all farmers

Fortunately, these kinds of requests are nothing new to our team

Conversion Rate

+ 19%

Online Sessions

+ 44%


+ 62%


We needed to approach the site in sections to continue growing, QC Supply needed to make the big move (and we don't mean to dallas) from Magento 1 to Magento 2.


This might sound simple enough, but for an eCommerce website with an inventory that includes thousands of products, migration can be fraught with problems. We approach their M2 to PWA agilly. This allowed the QC to start to reap from some of the PWA benefits and see a return on their investment without having to wait a full year to launch the entire new site.


To improve customer experience, GroupBy was utilized as AI throughout each page. This allowed AI and MErchant control to auto correct searchs and really target their unique customer based on products they had purchased before, or was what trending during that season based on their location. The goal was to never have a customer bounce without making a purchse.


The AOV rose 200% in a year with making changes to the shopping experience and shopping cart for customers.


We didn't stop there.. After adding on email marketing and SEO, we were about to make sure anyone who did bounce, found their way back.



The results have been nothing short of amazing. QC Supply has been able to reach new markets thanks to having PWA fully launched and a B2B Portal that now offers a condensed catalog unqiue to each agricultural customer to easily order and reorder their necessities.


What once was non existence, email marketing now brings in 20% of their revenue.


Since we launched their new site in January 2018, every important metric has improved by double digits:

  • Conversion Rate:+18.29%
  • Revenue: +61.72%
  • Online Sessions:+44.46%

With a website that has been custom built with their market in mind, QC Supply is ready to continue seeing these kinds of numbers for years to come.

“IWD makes it feel like they're part of our team. They are easy to contact, and quick to respond. They go above and beyond to develop custom solutions to solve our unique needs. They've done such a great job at managing and developing our web solutions that we've added them to help with our marketing and SEO projects. They can really do it all, and they truly care about our company's success.”

Kelsey Kolvar

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