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Bobcat Company

Bobcat saw a 113% YoY growth with the backbone utilizing Adobe Commerce and Klaviyo.


  • Custom Website Development
  • SEO


  • OKTA
Challenge Opportunity

Even if you’ve never used one yourself, you know a Bobcat when you see it. The company’s machines have become synonymous with taking on the toughest jobs and making them look easy.


When it comes to online marketing, we like to think we’ve developed a similar reputation. So, when Bobcat asked for help upgrading their website and improving their marketing channels, we knew our companies would be a perfect fit.


+ 22%


+ 46%


+ 113%


UX: We began our relationship with Bobcat by upgrading their website’s UX (User Experience).


Back then, their biggest obstacle to increasing pageviews and conversions was that customers were having trouble navigating their massive inventory of more than 10,000 products.


To simplify the process, we created a specialized search bar. By building “Parts Finder” to the top of every page of the site, all customers have to do is enter their serial number to limit their searches to onlyproducts that are compatible with their machines.


Bobcat also had an interesting challenge for our SEO team: the company’s brand awareness was already off the charts. Not surprisingly, BobcatParts.com had no problem attracting customers who searched for Bobcat parts. Instead, the challenge was improving their traffic for nonbranded keywords that would put their site in front of new customers.


Increasing the traffic to their website was only partof our plan for increasing Bobcat’s revenue.

Along with making it as easy as possible for customers to find the products they needed, another important way we help clients increase average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is by launching email campaigns.


By taking this tried-and-true approach between our SEO team increased:

  • Sessions: +51.01%
  • Users: +41.29%
  • New Users: +45.29%

More importantly, these increases represent qualifiedtraffic, so Bobcat also saw their conversion rate increase by 16.04%, which meant a 112.45% boost to their revenue.


For Bobcat, we created Browse Abandonment Emails to target these types of customers. The result has been a 29.4% clickthrough rate (CTR), which is in the 94th percentile for CTR.


Despite a worldwide pandemic, 2020 was the best year BobcatParts has ever had online – by a long shot. Even better, the enhancement we’ve made to their site will continue to improve their bottom line for years to come. We’ve built a UX foundation that will keep driving conversions and designed scalable marketing strategies that will drive more and more traffic month-after-month..

“Your commitment and dedication to our account is very much appreciated! As you know, we do not take our releases or growth opportunities lightly and having a team like you with us makes each release much less stressful, just by knowing you are there.. You guys knocked it out of the park yet again and for that we thank you!”

Sara Pribe, Bobcat

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