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Marketing Strategy Consulting

Our eCommerce Consulting Agency Has a Long Track Record of Success

At IWD, we specialize in crafting customized eCommerce marketing strategies that drive winning outcomes. Our eCommerce agency’s competitive advantage is that we have experience in every online channel and a multitude of technologies. As a result, we never need to take a cookie-cutter approach or limit your website’s results because we don’t have experience with the right strategies. So, while we apply frameworks and methodologies based on proven eCommerce marketing best practices, we also know that each project and each client is unique. Our eCommerce website consultants always start by getting to know your business, its history, your customer profiles, and what has worked and not worked for your past marketing efforts. They have years of experience successfully taking this unique approach.

Check out our case studies to see the results of our customized eCommerce strategies in action.

Your Digital Marketing Team

Let Our eCommerce Consultants Be an Extension of Your Team

Whether you need a full-scale eCommerce marketing plan or just want to improve one of your marketing channels, we can help. As an extension of your company’s eCommerce marketing team, we will create actionable plans, set goals and KPIs specific to each initiative, and create methods for reporting and attribution so that we can demonstrate a real marketing ROI. Tell us what you need, and our eCommerce consultants will tell you how we will work together to get it done.

Business Deep Dive

Client-First eCommerce Marketing Strategies

When we say oureCommerce consultant won’t apply one-size-fits-all marketing strategies, we mean it. Our consultants know that your company is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Therefore, before we start crafting your detailed eCommerce marketing strategy, we will get to know your:


  • Current website’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Brand and branding guidelines
  • Business’s history with eCommerce marketing
  • Inventory of products
  • Margins and pricing structures
  • Customers, including personas and segments
  • Existing eCommerce marketing initiatives
  • Current eCommerce marketing team


We also want to learn about:


  • What’s currently working for you and where you need improvement
  • Your marketing proficiencies, including where you may need help or training
  • Your budgets and timelines


In other words, our eCommerce website consultants can’t wait to get started, but we know it’s important to learn all about your business first.

From Goals Through Action Plans

We’ll Be with You Every Step of the Way

At our eCommerce consulting agency, we pride ourselves on having long-term clients. From planning campaigns to launching them and providing ongoing support, we love finding new ways to improve our clients’ websites year-after-year.

We’re able to secure these kinds of results again and again because we take a proven approach:

Defining your goals What good is a great eCommerce marketing plan if it isn’t goal-oriented? Once IWD Agency has identified new marketing objectives, areas of focus, integrated strategies, and identified your KPIs and critical success factors, we’ll work with you to define specific goals we can work together to achieve.

Developing Action Plans With specific eCommerce goals in place, our consultants will get to work on matching them with specific plans. Once they’re ready, we’ll present them to you before we begin work, so you’ll have adequate time to review them and ask questions. Because our team of consultants is made up of experts from numerous eCommerce fields, we can design strategies that include SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, UX/UI, Branding, platform-specific Creative Assets, and much more.

Ongoing Support IWD agency won’t just make marketing recommendations and leave you hanging! We’re in it for the long-haul and will always be here to ensure you’re able to continually improve. Marketing is an iterative process. By providing long-term support for our strategies, we can continue to achieve incremental, consistent improvements.

Our eCommerce Agency’s Consulting Services:

Brand Positioning

Unifying your brand positioning across all eCommerce marketing channels is key to establishing your business presence in the minds of potential customers. Our creative geniuses are experts in branding. From aesthetics to messaging, we’ll work with you to develop marketing strategies that put your best foot forward at all times and on all platforms. Some of the branding services we provide include:

  • Identifying a business landscape overview:We’ll help your marketing team define how best to present your business to your online market. This includes taking a deep dive into important factors like market size, projected growth, and more.
  • Creating a value proposition: What makes your business unique? What is the driving force that sets you apart? Why do people *need* your product? We’ll answer all of these questions in a way that resonates with your online market.
  • Establishing branding and creative guidelines: Our designers and brand experts will help establish a branding strategy so that no matter where you’re presenting your business, you always look good doing it.

Defining Audiences

Understanding the *who* you’re selling to is the first step to increasing your eCommerce conversion rates. Doing so makes all the difference to the what and how of your marketing strategies. Once we come up with all three, our eCommerce experts will work with you to craft detailed buyer personas that answer:


  • “Who is buying our product?”
  • “How are they finding us?”
  • “What makes them convert?”

We’ll take the time to get to know your business, so that we understand how customers access your eCommerce website, what devices they use, what times of day they visit, what their intentions are, their typical purchasing behaviors, their expected online experiences, and the functionality they expect from your web presence. Finally, we’ll discover your eCommerce site’s unique “User Journeys.” This will tell us the sequence of events they experience including important ones like initially clicking an ad, entering a search term, visiting your website, becoming a lead, converting, and becoming a recurring client. We’ll learn it all, so that we can create eCommerce marketing strategies that optimize each step.

Segmentation and Targeting

Accurate customer and traffic segmentations are key to scaling your eCommerce business. Our eCommerce agency specializes in helping clients make data-driven decisions while identifying and implementing strategies for targeting and segmenting customers that increase ROAS and ROIs. We’ll make recommendations for establishing your targeting approaches and acquisition strategies. These will include when and how to use various targeting mechanisms based on a range of factors like demographics, geo-location, customer value, customer lifecycle, content-specific consumption, remarketing, and more. Likewise, we’ll take a look at your current segmentation and customer lists to find areas for improvement.

eCommerce Marketing Opportunities

Using all of the information we’ve gathered about your eCommerce business and current marketing initiatives, we’ll create and present to you a set of initial overall marketing objectives which are attainable, pragmatic, and practical. For each objective, we’ll define what success will look like and provide strategies for reaching those goals. Our experts will describe KPI’s and Critical Success Factors, as well as the ideal promotional mediums for meeting them. We’ll identify potential pitfalls that could stand in the way and strategies for making sure they don’t.

eCommerce Marketing Implementation

Implementing a successful integrated eCommerce marketing strategy requires establishing specific frameworks and methodologies. This ensures your organization is focusing on incremental improvement, and helps to structure and define marketing objectives in a way that keeps your team on the same page and on task. Our eCommerce website consultants generally adhere to the RACE methodology for digital marketing: Reach, Act, Convert, and Engage. Each part of your integrated eCommerce marketing strategy will fall into one of these four buckets. We’ll help you learn this methodology and organize your marketing efforts around them. You’ll find it’s a highly efficient framework for eCommerce success.

Setting Data-Driven KPIs

Each of the 4 buckets of the RACE methodology has its own set of best practices, KPIs, and Critical Success Factors. We’ll work with your team to define what success looks like for each action item, so that you have goal-oriented benchmarks for success as you implement the eCommerce strategies we provide. Our eCommerce consultants also have their own project management methodology, which we call IMPACT, that ensures our marketing team is providing you with an extremely high level of service, transparency, and accountability. We want you to be a long-term client that views our eCommerce consulting agency as a partner in your success.

Let IWD be your marketing team, contact us today!