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Shopify App Development Services

Want the kind of custom Shopify app that becomes a true competitive edge? Trust our Shopify developers to build this eCommerce advantage for your business and achieve better online results than ever before.

Customized Shopify App Development Services That Get Results

Are you among the business owners exploring the vast world of Shopify apps?

Have you found that even with thousands and thousands to choose from, none fits your eCommerce company’s needs quite right? Imagine the impact of having a custom app that aligns perfectly with your business requirements. That's where our expertise in Shopify app development comes into play!


At IWD, we specialize in building custom apps that will enhance your customers' shopping experience. As seasoned developers in the field, we understand the importance of a personalized touch in the digital marketplace. With over 15 years of industry experience, our development team is well-versed in employing software engineering methods and best practices to ensure your business stands out.


Why settle for off-the-shelf solutions when you can have an app designed exclusively for your store? Our Shopify app development services offer you the flexibility to create unique applications catering specifically to your target audience. Whether it's developing a custom app or seamlessly integrating third-party extensions, we are your trusted partners in achieving your business goals.


By choosing us as your Shopify app developers, you not only gain access to a team with a deep understanding of the eCommerce sector but also to a wealth of experience garnered from working with diverse clients across various industries.

Empower your business with our custom Shopify app development services. Partner with a reliable Shopify app development agency committed to building interactive, tailor-fit apps that enhance your users' overall experience. Expand your reach, engage more customers, and deliver a top-notch experience that sets your business apart. Choose IWD Agency for your bespoke app development journey!


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How We Became the Shopify App Development Agency

Nearly 15 years of experience working with Shopify has made us the go-to agency for a whole host of services related to the popular eCommerce platform. One of these is designing and developing custom Shopify apps.


Our developers haven’t just built these powerful apps for eCommerce clients, either. We know firsthand what it takes to develop custom Shopify apps that get results because we’ve made them for our own sites. We’ve also made public Shopify apps that are available to download by eCommerce companies all over the world. This has given us invaluable feedback over the years about what works, what doesn’t, and what’s possible. Around 30,000 users have downloaded our apps over the years. That’s provided us with some truly priceless information about how to make amazing eCommerce apps!


Of course, we have extensive experience working with Shopify as an eCommerce platform, as well. So, it’s not just that our developers know how to build apps. It’s that our agency employs Shopify designers, developers, and marketers who understand the ins and outs of user experience, interface, and conversion rate optimization. All of this knowledge produces a development process that gets incredible results for our eCommerce clients.


At IWD, we don’t want to just build you an app. We want to build you an app that exceeds all of your expectations. So, give us your most ambitious challenge and our Shopify developers will get busy creating a one-of-a-kind app that delivers.

And if you need anything else, our agency also offers Shopify development services, SEO for Shopify, CRO, and much more. If it will improve your Shopify site, we can do it.



Our 8 Shopify App Development Services

We offer a wide range of Shopify app development services. But one of the reasons we’ve developed the reputation we have throughout the world of eCommerce is because of the lengths we’ll go to in order to customize our approach to meet our clients’ unique needs.


So, while these eight services are the most common that our Shopify developers offer when it comes to app development, they’re far from the only ones. If you don’t see the specific service that you’re looking for below, contact us to speak with someone from our Shopify development team about what you need.

1. Shopify App Development for Your Store:

Through our Shopify app development services, we deliver custom solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs. By creating your eCommerce company its own Shopify app, your online store will have a competitive edge that can’t be overcome by downloading something similar.


This completely unique app will be tailored to meet your specific goals, utilizing Shopify's APIs to seamlessly access your store's data. Our expert team ensures that your private app enhances the functionality of your eCommerce store and extends its reach across various device platforms. Trust us for bespoke app development that amplifies your business capabilities, all within the secure and customizable framework of Shopify.


2. Public Shopify App Development:

On the other hand, maybe your goal is to have an app that you can add to the Shopify App Store. An app like that could become a new source of revenue, a powerful way to generate leads, or both! Whatever the case, our team of Shopify app development experts can create the asset you have in mind. This includes guiding the ideation process to ensure that the finished app will produce the desired result. Take advantage of our comprehensive development services to ensure your custom app is not only a valuable asset for your store but also a sought-after addition for others in the Shopify ecosystem and beyond. Top of Form

3. Marketing for Public Shopify Apps:

If you’re interested in public Shopify app development services to market to your customers, IWD can also help with marketing your new asset. From getting it added to the Shopify App Store to marketing it on your own site and more. Before the Shopify app development process even begins, we can discuss the approach our team would take to market it, so you’re 100% confident in the plan.

4. Shopify Mobile App Development:

A smooth mobile experience is critical for apps in today's digital landscape. Elevate your store’s eCommerce presence with our Shopify mobile app development services, which ensure your app works perfectly on screens of any size. Our expert team of developers will provide a seamless integration between your online store and the custom mobile app. They will design and develop custom solutions that optimize your store's functionality on smartphones, tablets, and other devices, allowing users to effortlessly browse your store and make purchases. With a versatile eCommerce app that makes your online store available to customers on any screen, you’ll see better engagement, conversions, and revenue.


5.Shopify App Data Migration:

Entrust our expert team of developers with your Shopify app data migration needs for a seamless transition without compromising functionality. Whether you're consolidating data from multiple apps, streamlining information from an old store, or moving your entire store to Shopify, we ensure a smooth and efficient process where any of your essential apps are concerned. Our dedicated team specializes in handling the intricacies of data migration, ensuring that your business performance remains uninterrupted. Make the move to Shopify with confidence, knowing that our team of experts is here to execute a flawless data migration tailored to your unique needs.


6. Shopify App Integration:

Navigating the intricate landscape of Shopify apps can be challenging, especially when dealing with robust yet complex (and very popular) tools like Klaviyo, Yotpo, Klevu, and others. Many of these apps are as complicated as they are powerful, which makes it all the more important that you nail integration when trying to add them to your online store. That's where our expert team of developers comes in. We offer seamless integration services that ensure you experience every advantage offered by your favorite eCommerce app. Whether it's streamlining payments, optimizing CRM, managing accounting, handling inventory, or implementing promotions, we specialize in fully integrating powerful Shopify apps with your online store. Trust us to simplify the complexity and enhance your eCommerce store's performance with our tailored integration solutions. We can also walk you through operating these apps, so you’ll feel completely comfortable putting them to work.


7. Support And Maintenance for Shopify Apps:

Elevate your Shopify app experience with our dedicated support and maintenance services. Our expert developers are committed to ensuring the continuous smooth operation of your app through regular updates and ongoing support. With our comprehensive approach to development, your app will remain at its peak performance, providing both you and your users with a seamless and reliable experience. Rely on us to keep your Shopify app running effortlessly, allowing you to focus on your business without disruptions.


8. Other Shopify App Development Services:

As we mentioned above, our team of Shopify app development experts has years of experience working with a wide range of companies that need all kinds of custom apps. Often, the custom Shopify app a client requests is just one piece of a much larger eCommerce goal. For example, they might want it to coincide with the launch of a new eCommerce website, a new feature they’re adding to their store, or a new brand they’re launching. So, if you didn’t see the app development service you were looking for above, please don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with a developer about your goals.


How Our Shopify App Development Services Work

Just like how our actual Shopify app services will differ based on your specific goals, the way we carry them out will vary depending on the project, as well.


That being said, depending on the type of Shopify app you have in mind, most of our services involve the following steps:


Initial Calls and Consultation

App development can be a complex process, which is why we don’t just have you fill out some form and then get started. Instead, we’re happy to sit down for a no-obligation initial consultation to understand what you want from an app and so we can give you a more detailed overview of the process involved.


Once we have a better idea of what you want from your custom app, we’ll conduct a review and analysis and provide you with initial feedback about how we can help. Our development team may also make suggestions about other aspects of your Shopify site that you could upgrade to better reach your goals.


Begin the Shopify App Design Process

The next step in our app development process is the gathering of functional and system requirements, aligning with your technological preferences. After that, we’ll present you with a comprehensive wireframe that outlines both the user interface and internal app processes.


Once the wireframe is approved, we’ll begin designing the look of your app. We’ll present you with the finished product once we’re done, so we can get your approval before proceeding. Throughout this UI/UX phase, we utilize best practices tailored for the optimal performance of your app on Shopify.


App Code Development

Our seasoned developers excel at implementing expert Shopify code, particularly employing a serverless approach for less complex apps with minimal load and user traffic. This method not only ensures scalability but also ensures your app can handle large surges in traffic. After all, the goal of our app development services is to make something users will want to return to again and again and again.


The timeline for this stage varies based on the app's complexity, but our proficient team of developers thrives on tackling any technical challenge with Shopify. With extensive experience in building Shopify stores and apps from the ground up, integrating third-party tools, and providing ongoing upgrades and maintenance, we guarantee a robust and future-ready app infrastructure.


Shopify Validation (if Applicable)

If you want a public app that Shopify will feature on their store so that other people and businesses can download it, that app will need to go through a validation process. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced Shopify developer review the app before submitting it to make sure it meets Shopify’s requirements. We can also walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you might have about the Shopify store and how users will be able to download your app.


Final Review and Launch

Whether your app is public or private, the next step in the app development process is to review the finished product once more, conduct thorough QA testing, and then get your approval before we launch it. Before this final step, we’ll review your online store to make sure that the launch won’t cause any problems with uptime.


Ongoing Support from Shopify Developers

Once your new app is up and running, you can retain our Shopify development team to provide ongoing support and maintenance. Of course, we are always available if any clients ever have questions or need help with their custom apps.

Shopify App Development FAQ

Hopefully, you found the above information about Shopify app development company and how our unique services can help your company’s growth. We’ve also listed the most common questions we’ve received over the years from business owners we’ve worked with. But please feel free to contact us if you have any questions that you don’t find answers to below.


How much does Shopify app development cost?

The cost for app development will depend on what you need it to do and any unique aspects of your store that might require further work. However, before we begin any app development work, we will provide you with a detailed SOW (Scope of Work) that walks you through each step of the process, how long we estimate it will take, and a quote for the service.


How long does the process take your app development company?

That also depends on what kind of Shopify app you want. While we can often have the final result done within a month, it could take much longer, too. Once again, we’ll create a detailed SOW that lists each specific step in the process before any work is started.


What Shopify Apps do you work with?

We can add and set up any app you want to your Shopify store. Our team of Shopify experts can also make recommendations based on your goals. And, of course, if the right app doesn’t exist for your Shopify site, we can create a completely customized solution through our development process.


Do you offer other Shopify development services?

Absolutely. We have a world-class team of Shopify developers who have worked on all kinds of projects for companies across a wide range of industries. Check out our Shopify development services page for more details. We also offer Shopify SEO services if you need help attracting traffic to your store.


Do you design apps for clients who want to sell them in the Shopify store?

Definitely. Clients hire our team to create private Shopify apps that they use solely for their own stores and to design the kind that they can add to Shopify’s App Store. While different purposes will affect the process our team pursues to create the perfect app, we have plenty of experience doing both.


Do you hire freelancers to work on app development projects?

We employ our own team of “in-house” app development experts. This includes the Account Manager who will be assigned to your company. That being said, we’re not afraid of admitting when we need outside help. Our team has spent nearly two decades building a large network throughout the world of eCommerce development so that we can always reach out to other experts when our clients need something specific. We pride ourselves on taking these kinds of steps to ensure our eCommerce clients are always impressed with our results.

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