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Raj from YotPo joins us this episode to discuss how their integrated eCommerce marketing platform is working for their direct to consumer brand customers. They serve some of the biggest names in retail. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Steve Madden, Patagonia, and 1-800-Flowers.
On March 26th, 2019 Magento released updates for versions 1 and 2, both Open Source and Commerce. Magento included considerations for version upgrades or a bare minimum security patch across their offerings. By extending these upgrades and patches to their user base, Magento is signaling the importance of this recent upgrade set. 
Today is a massive launch day at IWD Agency. Announced with much fanfare across social media, Fletch is a contemporary lifestyle brand by Bachelorette star and media mogul, JoJo Fletcher.
Continuing on our Top Ten Magento lists, we now look at eyewear sites.  Here are the top ten Magento sites that primarily sell eyewear (glasses/sunglasses). The results are based off Alexa inte
Next up on our Top Ten Magento lists are Furniture sites.  Here are the top ten Magento sites that primarily sell furniture. The results are based off Alexa internet traffic rankings.
Our Top Ten series continues.  This time we focused on Magento stores that primarily sell jewelry.  The results are based off Alexa internet traffic rankings.
Ever wonder what the top clothing sites are that use Magento? Well now you don’t have to. Here is IWD’s list of the top ten clothing sites on the Magento platform. The results are based off Alexa internet traffic rankings (we decided to exclude some stores who were not strictly clothing sites).  
The first step in creating an online store is choosing which eCommerce platform to use. We at IWD feel that Magento is still the best choice for businesses of any size. In 2017 Magento was still the #1 eCommerce platform, powering over 30% of the top 100,000 online stores.
Have you been thinking about upgrading to Magento Commerce but haven’t made up your mind yet? Here is a straightforward list of over 40 reasons why you should.
One of the best qualities of Magento is its open source software, which grants each company the agility to completely customize their site to meet the needs of their customers. With the ability to tailor the virtually endless possibilities of each eCommerce platform comes the responsibility to uphold the integrity of your site. 
To say that eCommerce is big business is along the same lines as saying the Eiffel Tower is just a crappy radio antenna. The internet, without any doubt, has changed the landscape of how we do business. From how we sell, what we sell, and how we deal with customers has all changed. Years ago, you had your brick and mortar store and you sold that way. 
We have worked with Magento since its inception in March of 2008. Since that time we have worked with thousands of different Magento stores. These stores range from startups to stores doing over 500 million dollars in business. These businesses lean on our eCommerce expertise to guide them through the management of their online store.