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It's no surprise that we, IWD Agency, love what we do, but when we get a chance to celebrate loving what we do, it's even better! IWD Agency was named number 32 out of 100 fastest growing tiger businesses out of LSU alumni. This is the 6th time in a row that we have been included in LSU 100.
In a perfect world, shopping carts would never get left behind. Unfortunately for eCommerce owners, shopping cart abandonment is inevitable. According to the Baymard Institute, 7 out of every 10 online shopping carts are abandoned before the final step of payment processing. 
The success of any E-commerce business relies on orders. The ability to process orders quickly and efficiently is crucial for any retailer. This not only affects your customer satisfaction but also your bottom line. With so many ways for consumers to buy your products, your need for a smart, reliable order management system to help you keep up is critical.
Everyone loves free stuff. From free coffee and bagels at industry conventions to free hugs at music festivals, there's seldom a better way of getting people to pay attention than giving them something for free.
Creating an eCommerce store can have serious challenges with website design, hosting, checkout security, content management, etc. To assist small business owners get started in the eCommerce world, IWD Agency has introduced Weeetail
So you’ve got your eCommerce website up and running. The copy has been written, the product has been stamped out on an assembly line in China or hand-etched on a vintage pottery wheel by your grandma or however it’s made, you have your order fulfillment plan down pat and you’re approximately six months of lukewarm sales away from throwing in the towel and going back to your old job, which will totally suck.
With well over one million active sellers and 40 million buyers, Etsy is among the most successful eCommerce platforms on the web. Catering to unique, handmade, and vintage goods, craft lovers and artists across the world are able to create virtual storefronts, sell one of a kind products, and build industry connections.
You don’t just want traffic – you want leads. And you don’t just want leads, you want leads that will convert. While traffic is nice, and leads are great –neither one pays the bills quite like a sale. For B2B businesses, improving that lead generation process means two things: improving the quantity of incoming leads while at the same time improving the quality of those leads.
Whether your website offers 10 products or 10,000, a measly catalogue number and a price tag are simply not going to cut it in the product description stakes. After all, who wants a FTU-0228X-YYP FOR JUST $199.99? Equally, who's interested in a cut and pasted chunk of text from your vendor's catalogue?
In Ecommerce, you’re either converting, or you’re losing – there’s really no middle ground. Every missed opportunity not only costs you a sale, it could cost you a lifetime customer. The stakes are high. Luckily, there’s no shortage of case studies, examples and advice out there from website who have found ways to keep customers coming back. We’re going to look at a few of those pieces of advice and illustrate how real businesses have implemented them.
With Google Analytics, you can easily spend countless hours analyzing reports about your website you didn’t even think were possible to generate! But when you are managing a business, time is everything. So how can you maximize your Google Analytics efforts for an eCommerce site?

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