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IWD Store Locator | Quick Guide

How to create a store locator for Magento

How does it work?

IWD's Store Locator its a cloud-based solution that makes it simple to integrate without the need of any technical knowledge. You would only need to place a code snippet on any page at your website and we will display the Store Locator for you.

1. Download IWD Store Locator

Your amazing experience starts here. Go to IWD's Store Locator product and click on the "Download" button and follow the steps, don't worry, we won't request you any credit card or payment information, as we said it's FREE!

Store Locator Admin Panel

2. Access the Store Locator Admin Panel

Once you have purchased the IWD's Store Locator, a "Store Locator" option will appear on your IWD Agency account's menu.

3. Configure Store Attributes

IWD's Store Locator allows you to create Custom Store Attributes that can be added to your selected stores.
Store Attributes are used to describe your store's features and allows your customers to use them as filters on their search results. Let's suppose that you are a coffee shop that has five stores in the neighborhood, but only 3 of them are Pet-friendly. You would need to create a "Pet-friendly" attribute and assign it to these stores so you can let your customers know to which ones they can bring up their puffy friends.

Store Attributes for Store Locator
Create a Store Locator

4. Create or Import your Stores

Let the fun part begin!

IWD's Store Locator was designed for everyone, it does not matter if you are an entrepreneur, small, medium size or big enterprise. IWD's Store Locator allows you to either add your stores manually or bulk upload hundreds of stores using a CSV file.

4. Select your prefered Map Engine

Once set, let's choose your Map engine!
We have chosen our map engines carefully to provide you with the most advanced technology in the market. Using Here WeGo Maps and Google Maps engines to display your stores, your Store locator will stand out from your competitors, and your customers will love it!


*It is required to create a freeemium Here WeGo Maps or Google Map Account.

No code required Store Locator

5. Grab and Paste your Snippet Code

Almost there, just a few more steps!

Go to the Configuration tab at your Store Locator admin panel, copy the code snippet that we have generated for you and paste in any where in your site!


Learn more on how to use and configure.

IWD's Store Locator has many features that you will love like changing the markers color, titles, text, configure your store's opening and close hours, create URL per store and more. Create an account now and enjoy the next generation of our products.


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