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What’s the single biggest frustration of online merchants in 2019? Low Mobile Conversion Rates. That’s why IWD Agency has joined forces with global partners including Paypal, Magento, and online merchants around the world in a groundbreaking effort called the Mobile Optimization Initiative.

About the Mobile Optimization Initiative

Using simple tests that can be implemented on any mobile eCommerce website, we’re finding extraordinary results for our clients. The mobile conversion rate increases merchants are realizing via the Mobile Optimization Initiative are truly game-changing. Want to be a part of it? IWD agency is actively seeking online merchants who are interested in running optimization tests on their mobile websites. We’ll even set them up for you!

Join The Mobile Optimization Initiative Today

The Why: Currently, a significant gap exists between desktop and mobile conversion rates. Did you know that 86% of mobile checkouts result in abandoned carts? As shoppers increasingly find your products via mobile browsing experiences, it is imperative to address this gap and find actionable ways to increase your mobile Revenue Per Visitor. That’s where the Mobile Optimization Initiative comes in. The What: The Initiative has pre-packaged over 75 experiments that can easily be implemented into your website with just a few snippets of code. (IWD can implement this for you, so that you spend almost no time or human resources to see these results- Click here to contact us ). Examples of these experiments include:
  • Streamlined Cart Header
  • Zip Code Autofill
  • Credit Card Auto Detect
  • Paypal Checkout on Cart and Product Page
  • Checkout Button Floater
  • Checkout Button Security Lock
  • Collapsable Coupon Codes
  • Plus many, many more

Mobile Optimization Initiative

Mobile Optimization Initiative Results

The Results: Merchants who use these experiments are getting amazing results, increasing their Revenue Per Visitor (RPV) significantly, bringing higher mobile ROI, and improving their brand perception and customer experience. Each experiment differs in results, but with the data gathered, we’re seeing RPV increase anywhere from 3-25% for each experiment. Add all these little wins together, and the end result is that merchants in the Mobile Optimization Initiative are discovering new revenue and growth opportunities via mobile. IWD Agency along with our partners Paypal and Magento are actively recruiting new merchants to JOIN the Mobile Optimization Initiative. Signup is fast and easy: Click Here to Join.

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