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IWD is excited to unveil the newest Magento extension that helps business owners become more efficient in managing their business. The Product Manager extension empowers administrators to make bulk edits to products and customize the products table.

Improving the workflow for editing products

To edit a product with standard Magento, you need to open the product, locate the desired info, and edit the information. With the Product Manager extension, you can quickly edit this information from the product table instead of loading a separate page. For example, I can update the available QTY for a specific product, change the availability to be in stock or out of stock, and modify the price all from one page:
Manage Magento Products
  You can also control how these modifications are saved:
  • Automatically save changes once they are made
  • Manually save changes per edit
  • Manually save changes after making multiple edits

Personalize your data

One of the best features of Product Manager is the ability to customize the product table to fit your business needs. You can add, remove, and rearrange all of the columns and edit the necessary information within the rows! If, for example, you would like to see what categories your product is assigned too then you can add the Categories column and from there manage which categories your product is available with.
Manage Product Grid in Magento

Demo's & User Guide

Checkout our live demo of the extension and customize the columns and product information today! Contact our support at extensions@iwdagency.com should you have any questions about the extension.   Learn more about our exciting new Product Manager extension for Magento. Enter ProductManager! at checkout and save 40% (for a limited time).

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