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PayPal POS for Magento 2

Growing your business with a friendly retail POS for Magento Stores.

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Use a QR Code So Customers Can Pay Touch-Free

Customers don’t have to worry about cash, debit, or credit cards when you have a QR code they can scan. Our Magento PayPal POS extension will generate a QR code for your business that you can display right from your device. Just add your customer’s items to their cart and then press the button to generate the code. Hold it out for them to scan the QR code with their device and they’ll be taken to their PayPal account to complete the transaction. Touch-free payments are as simple as it gets. Our extension makes them as easy as possible.


You are on the move. Your POS should be, too.

With PayPal POS, you can sell in person, over the phone, and on your website. From enabling your team to accept payments in-store and out in the field, to helping you streamline your online checkout, to simplifying over-the-phone transactions – PayPal POS makes selling easy.


Simple product setup and management

Automatically load products, inventory, shipping and payment methods from your Magento store - PayPal POS supports standard Magento features and product types. View product details and add products to the cart with a tap.

More great reasons to use
PayPal POS for Magento

Flexible checkout options

Easily find an existing customer or create a new customer account during the checkout process.

Walk-in customers

In a hurry? Checkout your walk-ins as guests and get them on their way - no need to add billing or shipping information.

A POS made for humans

So straightforward - anyone can use it, which means you don’t have to spend a ton of time training your team or correcting transaction errors.

PayPal Here

In a hurry? Checkout your walk-ins as guests and get them on their way - no need to add billing or shipping information.

View orders in-app and in your store

Keep track of website and POS orders in PayPal POS and in your Magento store. Search orders by order number or customer’s name.

Find products in seconds

Search products by SKUs or browsing. Sort products and filter by category and subcategory.

Take payments offline

No internet? No problem. Key in your payments and PayPal POS will process them as soon as you are back online.

Convenient payment options

Give your customers more options for in-person transactions. Choose from Cash, Credit, or Check.


Issue a refund in seconds directly in PayPal POS Application.

Coupons and Discounts

Add fixed value or percentage discounts on the spot. Choose an existing discount code or create a new one.

Order Notes

Personalize orders with comments.

Get Started in just minutes!

Download PayPal POS app from the Apple Store


Go to the Apple Store on your iOS device and download the PayPal POS System App by IWD Agency.

Setup PayPal POS extension for Magento 2


Download and Setup the PayPal POS Extension on your Magento Store.

Look into our guides for assistance

Configure your PayPal Here Account


Accept payments on the spot with PayPal Here.

Signup for a PayPal Here Account.

Mark offers his extended and online catalog on the sales floor

“Paypal POS helps Mark streamline his office furniture store and enables his salespeople to easily take orders on the sales floor. furniture store and enables his salespeople to easily take orders on the sales floor”

Frequently Asked

Can I use any Apple device?

PayPal POS System runs on any iPhone and iPad with iOS 11+.


View Compatible Hardware

Can I use a credit-card reader?

Yes, PayPal POS System App uses the PayPal Here Credit Card reader.


Get PayPal Card Reader

Which Magento versions are supported?

PayPal POS System Extension works up to the latest Magento 2 Community & Commerce versions. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about compatibility.

Is PayPal the only payment method available?

With the PayPal POS System, you will have two different payment options to choose from:

- Credit and Debit Cards (PayPal Here)

- Offline payments like Cash or Check

Can I use my own payment provider?

No, the only payment methods that your POS can accept are credit/debit card and offline payments.

Can I print an order or invoice?

Yes, PayPal POS System App allows you to print your customer's order directly to any configured and Apple compatible printer device.

Can I access my store without an internet connection?

Yes, PayPal POS System App synchronizes and downloads a copy of your Magento Categories, Products, Orders, Transactions, Promotions, and Customers. This feature allows you to access your Catalog and even perform sales without being connected to the internet.

Can I accept credit-card payments while offline?

Yes, PayPal POS System and PayPal Here allows you to accept credit card payments without an internet connection. The information will be processed once you're back online. Please send us a message for more details about this feature.


You assume all liability for offline payments, including those that are subsequently declined, expired, or disputed.

PayPal POS for Free! What are you waiting for?

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