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Custom Design: A Guide to Fonts

From elegant and sophisticated to funky and fun, fonts reign king in terms of design and style. They can transform bland and boring text into distinctive and visually appealing pieces that stand out from the crowd. Fonts are key when it comes to setting the tone for a project. Fonts give words underlying meaning. Fonts can create almost as much of a reaction in viewers as the words themselves do. For example, some fonts can be energetic in appearance and incite excitement in the viewer. Other fonts can be soft and flowing and evoke a sense of peacefulness. Fonts are a great way to convey hidden emotions, feelings and meanings. It is important for the fonts you choose to truly peak the interest of the viewer and set the tone of your project. There are literally thousands of unique and creative fonts that can add pizazz and flair to your finished products. There are even special fonts which are specifically designed for people with disabilities such as hearing impairment. Some fonts are available for purchase online while others can be downloaded for free. You can even create your own font if you desire to truly show off your unique style. There are font editors as well as font creation software packages which are available for you to utilize in your font creation process. For more information, look below at some of the best font resources available on the web. Importance of Font in Design Licensed Fonts Free Fonts Font Creation Specialized Fonts Fonts for the Disabled

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