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IWD Store Locator for Magento


A Store Locator Plugin for Magento 1 and 2

Our IWD Store Locator was designed to be platform-agnostic. We also made it fully compatible with your Magento Community, Commerce, and Cloud platforms. So, even though it’s completely free, this Store Locator doesn’t lack for capabilities. Whatever platform you prefer, use our plugin to make it easy for customers to find your store and see your products up-close and in-person.

Store Locator for Magento
Store Locator extension for Magento free

Our Magento Store Locator Is Easy to Install

Our Magento Store Locator Plugin is cloud-based, which makes it extremely simple to integrate, even if you have zero technical knowledge. All you have to do is generate a code snippet from your IWD Agency account and then place it on literally any page of your Magento website.

That’s it!

To see just how simple it is to add a Store Locator to your Magento site, check out the steps below.

1. Follow Our Simple Store Locator Quick Guide

Create an IWD Agency account and then download our free Magento Store Locator plugin.

Take a look at IWD's Store Locator Quick Guide here!

2. Add Your Snippet Code to Your Magento Site

Next, generate your snippet code and place it on your site wherever you like.

Our Store Locator plugin can be placed anywhere you want to help customers find your brick-and-mortar business!

If you want to add it into several pages, you can just create a Widget or Block with the Store Locator. It couldn’t be easier!


3. Enjoy your IWD Store Locator for Magento

Congratulations, you learned how to create a Store Locator for Magento! It’s completely free but will drive up conversions by making it easy for customers to see your inventory in-person.

IWD Store Locator Help Articles

Learn more on how to use and configure.

IWD's Store Locator has many features that you will love like changing the markers color, titles, text, configure your store's opening and close hours, create URL per store and more. Create an account now and enjoy the next generation of our products.


Explore our help articles for more information.