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Updated 9/30/20

The success of any E-commerce business relies on orders. The ability to process orders quickly and efficiently is crucial for any retailer. This not only affects your customer satisfaction but also your bottom line. With so many ways for consumers to buy your products, your need for a smart, reliable order management system to help you keep up is critical. Below are 5 of the most important factors that go into an effective order management system that will save you time, energy and money.  


1. Organized Workflow Maintaining communication between all team members is necessary to ensure nothing is overlooked. Having your order information in a centralized location creates an easy way for your employees to stay updated on every order. Documenting every order history is a priority for every business. Make sure you have a documentation system for your order management process. This will ensure you are covered if you ever need to review an order.

HOW ORDER MANAGER CAN HELP: Keeping track of order history is easy with Order Manager. It documents every change made to an order and saves it in the comments history. You can also continually add or edit comments on an order. This will ensure your sales team is informed on the progress of every order. Plus you can choose whether or not to notify the customer by email. And just to make sure your history is well preserved, Order Manager creates a backup any time an order, comment, invoice, shipment or credit memo is deleted.  

2. Customer Management Communicating with your customers is a fundamental of any business. As a customer you want to know where your package is and when it’s getting to you as soon as you order it. Knowing that their order was received, is being processed, when it will ship, if there are any issues is essential to a positive customer experience. So it’s important to have quick access to edit customer orders so you can respond to customer queries quickly and efficiently.

HOW ORDER MANAGER CAN HELP: Order Manager makes it easy to edit an order and keep your customer included in the process. Anytime an edit is made, you have the option to notify your customer by email. With this extension you can edit customer information, billing and shipping, payment information and even replace items in the order. You can also enable a customer approval process so no change is made without the customer’s acceptance first.   Order Manager  

3. Consolidation These days, consumers are everywhere, shopping in stores, online, on their phones and even over the phone. So it’s your job to make sure your order management system can handle purchases coming in from anywhere at anytime and that everyone in your organization has access to it. Using a single order management system helps eliminate the use of individual systems to manage each shopping channel with the benefit of also reducing the potential for errors.

HOW ORDER MANAGER CAN HELP: With Order Manager you can consolidate your order management system with ease. Order Manager allows you to control user permissions, giving you the power to decide who can edit orders and who can’t. With this, backend users would only see the areas they are responsible for. This will help avoid errors and improve efficiency. It also allows you to place orders even faster with a custom order creation process. Now you can take an order first and apply customer information later.  

4. Efficiency Every order that comes in has several steps that go with it. The more manual effort your employees have to put in, the higher the chance of human error. Automations can help weed out inaccuracies and save you a lot of time. And as more and more orders come in, dealing with orders individually isn’t really an option anymore. As your business grows, your order management system needs to be able to keep up.

HOW ORDER MANAGER CAN HELP: Order Manager’s bulk editing can be a huge time saver. Now you can invoice, ship and print orders right from the order grid. Select just one or choose any combination of the three at once. You can also save time and energy by changing the status, canceling or deleting orders in bulk. Organization is key to efficiency. Order Manager lets users color code order statuses for every state so you can easily see the progress of an order from the order grid. You can also mark orders with flags for easy priority recognition to process orders more efficiently. This is extremely useful for stores with a large amount of orders. Customizing your order grid, ensures that you have everything you need all in one place. Order Manager5. Manage Inventory Backorders and out of stock notifications are a big turnoff to consumers. To be a successful eCommerce business, you have to provide customer satisfaction, and it’s hard to do that if you are out of stock on the items they want. A strong connection between inventory and your order management system is crucial to ensure that orders get fulfilled. So make sure your system is synced to real time inventory, ensuring that your orders are fulfilled and your customers are satisfied. Keeping your inventory organized and well-tracked will also improve the order fulfillment process.

HOW ORDER MANAGER CAN HELP: With Order Manager you can manage inventory in multiple warehouses. Allowing you to assign inventory from multiple sources and ship an order from multiple locations. It will even ship from the nearest warehouse based on the customer’s shipping address. Managing orders is a complicated process, but an essential part to the success of any business. That’s why it’s so important to have a reliable order management system that meets all your eCommerce needs. With an optimized order management workflow, you can improve efficiency, eliminate errors and watch your business grow.

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