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Dominate Social Media With IWD Agency's Social Media Marketing Services.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Is Powerful. Harness its power with IWD.

Just setting up a few social ads and seeing some initial traction is not sufficient, you need a fully developed multi-pronged strategy for targeting your audiences, engaging them, developing social proof on multiple creatives of multiple types, creating data-driven custom audiences (and segmenting them/re-targeting them), deploying best-practice scaling methods and campaign budget optimization.

As a team of former entrepreneurs who have leveraged the power of social media ads for our own companies, IWD Agency is uniquely qualified to aid ecommerce businesses like yours in developing and deploying successful social ad campaigns that deliver a high ROAS (return on ad spend) and a high ROI with scalable profitability. We can help with your marketing initiatives across social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Organic Social is Important Too

Grow Your Audience Smartly

IWD agency can help boost your social following and engagement with proven platform-specific methods that will create a community of social advocates for brand.

We’ll help with the creation of social content strategies, and with the creation of content itself including text, images, and videos that will garner engagement and drive both awareness and traffic to your business. We’ll also help with integrating automation tools and social calendars so that you’re delivering consistent, shareable messaging at the right time intervals to your audience of social fans.

Extending your audience engagement beyond traditional forms of digital communication provides your business with unprecedented access to potential and existing customers. Did you know that the average Facebook messenger open rate is 80%? Further, the average open rate for SMS text messages is over 90%- compared with 20% (traditionally) for email. Integrating your ads, abandoned cart sequences, and customer service experiences with Social Messengers and SMS is a sure-fire way to engage and convert customers while providing them with a modern, sophisticated customer experience.

IWD Agency can help you implement and integrate social chat bots and SMS text message apps with your existing customer service experiences. You’ll be amazed by how these tools can help take a load off of your human resources and drive revenue.

Social Media Marketing Services We Provide Include:

Full Social Ad Account Management

We will create well structured campaigns that are laser-targeted to custom audiences (we'll also create the custom audiences). Our social ads scale well and are optimized to auto-allocate budget where you're seeing the best returns.

Graphics,Creatives, Content

Our designers and writers can create social content for you and help you publish it. From ad creatives to organic social posts, to developing social content calendars, IWD can be your social publishing team.


We'll integrate your catalog with social platforms and use the power of dynamic product ads to retarget people who performed various actions on your website. You'll see a great return on investment from social retargeting when it's done correctly.

Let IWD be your marketing team, contact us today!