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Authorize.Net CIM for Magento 1 M1

Magento Versions: Community 1.5+;Enterprise: 1.12+

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Authorize.Net CIM for Magento 1

Securely Save Customer Payment Information CIM allows your customers to save their credit cards and bank accounts on's secure servers while placing an order on your website. This allows returning customers to quickly checkout in the future with their saved payment information.


  • 100% PCI Compliant - card data is never stored on your server
  • Increases checkout time and customer retention
  • Optional to save card data at checkout
  • Checkout with previously saved credit card
  • Checkout and save customer bank checking or savings account
Authorize.Net Secure Save Payment Information

Easily Manage Saved Credit Cards & Bank Accounts

Customers can easily manage their saved credit cards and banking accounts in their customer account on your website. Store managers may also perform the same functions in the Magento admin panel. Authorize.Net is automatically updated with new / updated payment information.


  • Add new credit cards to their account
  • Quickly remove saved credit cards
  • Disable saved credit card
  • Update card details
  • Add checking, saving, and business checking account with bank
Authorize.Net Secure Save Creadit Cards & Bank Accounts

Notification Labels for Credit Cards

To help customers manage their payment information, labels are added to each saved credit card to identify the following:


  • Active - orders have been placed with this credit card
  • Expired - the credit data is no longer valid
  • Not Supported - the website no longer supports this credit card type
Authorize.Net Notification labels for Credit Cards

Includes Authorize.Net eCheck

Included with the Authorize.Net CIM is Authorize.Net's eCheck payment method which allows customers to checkout with their bank accounts.


  • Save and checkout with: checking, savings, and business checking account
Authorize.Net eCheck

Integrated with Popular Checkout Extensions CIM is fully integrated with a number of popular Magento checkout solutions:


  • Standard Magento Checkout
  • IWD One Page Checkout
  • IWD Ajax One Page Checkout
Authorize.Net Integrated with Popular checkout Extensions

Integrated with IWD's Order Manager

Developed by popular request, the CIM extension is fully compatible with the popular Order Manager extension for Magento.


With CIM, orders that are modified and result in an increase in order total will only authorize the difference in the order totals and not submit a new authorization of the entire order total. This prevents multiple large authorizations on the customer's credit card.

Authorize.Net and IWD Order Manager Account Information

  • Enter Test and Live gateway URL
  • Enter your account API Login ID and Transaction Key
  • If your API credentials are valid then you will see 'Connected successfully
  • Enable Sandbox mode if you are using a test account
Authorize.Net Account Information

Accept.js Settings

Enable Accept.js to maximize your data security by directly sending sensitive payment information directly to Authorize.Net without interacting with your server. Strongly Recommended.


Since Accept.js sends the credit card number directly to Authorize.Net, using this extension for all credit card transactions may make you eligible for PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) A-EP.

Authorize.Net Accept.js Settings

General Settings

  • Easily manage the title that appears for the payment method on checkout
  • Choose to either authorize or authorize and capture payments
  • If you would like to validate credit cards before placing an order then you can choose from 2 different validation methods:
  • Specify the default status used for orders using this payment method
  • Select which credit card types are permitted for this payment method
Authorize.Net General Settings

General Settings (cont.)

  • Enable credit card verification on checkout and specify if this is a required field
  • Specify if saving credit cards during checkout is optional or required
  • Select which currencies and countries this payment method supports
  • Assign a minimum and a maximum order total qualification for this payment method
  • Sort Order allows you to specify in which order this payment method will appear on checkout
  • Set Debug to 'Yes' if you need to record all communication with in a log
Authorize.Net General Settings cont.

Advanced Settings

  • Specify if shipping address is included with the payment transaction
  • Control if items ordered will be included in the payment transaction
Authorize.Net Advanced Settings

Authorize.Net eCheck Settings

  • Activate eCheck payment method for your store
  • View the connection status between Magento and your Authorize.Net merchant account
  • Enter your merchant account API login ID and transaction key
  • Specify if your merchant account is a sandbox account (used for testing purposes)
Authorize.Net eCheck Settings

General eCheck Settings

  • Specify the name of the payment method that will be shown on checkout to customers
  • Control if orders placed with eCheck will authorize or authorize and capture the total amount
  • Similar to CIM, you can have accounts validated prior to placing an order via two methods:
  • Specify the default order status assigned to orders that use eCheck payment method
  • Determine if customers must save their bank accounts to their customer account or if this is an optional feature for customers vSelect which currencies and countries are allowed to use eCheck
  • Assign a minimum or maximum order total to qualify for eCheck payment method
Authorize.Net General eCheck Settings

Advanced eCheck Settings

  • Specify if shipping address is included with the payment transaction
  • Control if items ordered will be included in the payment transaction
Authorize.Net Advanced eCheck Settings