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Magento In-Store Pickup Extension


Offer In-Store Pickup on Your Magento Site

Offer your customers the convenience and immediacy of picking up their purchase in-person by choosing one of your nearby store locations. Create and tailor your list of stores and set parameters that orders must meet in order to qualify for in-store pickup. Upgrade to the Pro version of our Checkout Suite for this Magento store pickup extension.

In-Store Pickup for Magento

Choose Store Location

The Magento in-store pickup extension that comes with our Checkout Suite is a powerful tool that will lead to higher checkout conversions and repeat customers. No matter how many stores you have or where they’re located, our free in-store pickup extension will let customers pick up their products at the store that is most convenient for them. When multiple stores are utilized, you can arrange all the locations for display on the checkout page and shopping cart.

Magento In-Store Pickup Configurations

Customize the parameters that orders must meet to qualify for in-store pickup, like the minimum order amount, specific countries, order type, etc. This Magento extension was designed to meet your specific needs.


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