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Web Development Resources for Accessibility

Web accessibility refers to implementing user-friendly website features. This website enhancement occurs indiscriminately, thereby making it usable by people of all abilities. Users have equal access to all information and functionality, especially when correctly designed, developed, and edited according to the website owner's discretion. In other words, visually impaired users can effectively surf a particular website if it has enabled text-to-speech or text-to-Braille software recognition. Enlargeable text also applies to this scenario; therefore, allowing the user to click on links with precision. Keyboard navigated websites allow users to peruse its homepage without using a standard mouse. A single switch access device may eliminate the necessity for a standard keyboard altogether. Closed-captioned videos aid the hearing impaired to fully understand the content outlined on the website. Other examples include instructional diagrams and detailed animations that aid dyslexic individuals to better understanding the content. Web accessibility combines all of the aforementioned features to cater toward a broader audience. Accessibility Statements Assistive Technology The Benefits of Web Accessibility Cognitive Disabilities Definitions and Overviews Web Accessibility and the Law Multimedia Plugins, PDF, PowerPoint Testing, Checking, and Validating
  • Accessibility Testing: A comprehensive overview on testing web accessibility to ensure that these features meet federal regulations.
  • Accessibility Testing and Reporting with TAW3: A web page that provides a comprehensive tutorial of the free TAW 3 tool to aid in testing the accessibility of web pages.
  • Evaluating Web Site Accessibility with WAVE: A slide show offering a tutorial that formally presents how to test for Section 508 compliance using a web accessibility evaluation tool.
  • Training for Testing Software for 508 Compliance: The Department of Veterans Affairs offers training for using specially designed software that tests a web page for Section 508 compliance.
  • Testing for Accessibility: Microsoft offers web accessibility testing tutorials for Windows
Text Alternatives
  • Mini-FAQ About the Alternate Text of Images: A set of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about tagging alternate text onto images for disabled persons.
  • Testing Image Links with ALT Tags and Titles: A testing method that involves validating the functionality of alternate tags and titles on digital images.
  • Why Add Alternative Text to Descriptions?: This brief article explains why alternative text serves as an aid for the disabled.
  • Building an Appropriate ALT Tag: This web page provides adequate instructions to creating appropriate alternate tags for digital images.
  • Alternative Text Descriptions (Alt Text): A brief rundown of alternate text descriptions and their role in aiding disabled individuals.

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