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Magento Upgrade Services

Want better performance from your Magento site? Our Magento upgrade service will give you better results from your online store ASAP.

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Magento Site

Upgrading your website to the latest version is essential for a number of reasons, from improving user experience to enhancing your security. As Adobe partners with 18 certified employees and 31 certifications, we have the credentials and experience to carry out this important process for your store, so you enjoy all of these benefits and more. Here are just a handful of reasons you should always update your Magento store to the latest version, but we’d be happy to explain more during your free consultation. Contact us to schedule one today.


Improve Website Security

Updating your site's version of Magento is a critical step in fortifying your website's defenses. Enhanced security measures are necessary to safeguard your online presence against cyber threats, unauthorized access, and potential data breaches. By upgrading to Magento 2, you tap into Adobe’s suite of security enhancements designed to bolster the protection of your website's data. This upgrade significantly reduces the likelihood of significant spam attacks, hacking attempts, and other cyber security threats. Specifically, the latest release, Magento 2.4.6, addresses eight key security vulnerabilities and introduces further improvements to the platform's security infrastructure, ensuring a more robust and secure environment for your online operations.


Install Necessary Security Patches

Keeping your Magento platform updated is crucial for maintaining a secure and efficient online store. The release of Magento 2.4.6 brings with it a host of performance and scalability enhancements that do more than just accelerate your website's loading times. They significantly enhance the overall user experience. These improvements to your store’s operations and import performance will have a direct, positive impact on the functionality and responsiveness of your website. By staying current with the latest version, you ensure that your eCommerce site is not only faster and more reliable but also offers a smoother, more engaging experience for your customers.


Optimizing Site Performance

Upgrading to the latest version of Magento is a pivotal investment in the performance optimization of your website. Each update brings with it improvements that can drastically enhance site speed, minimize load times, and expedite the checkout process. This leads to a more seamless and high-performing website, ensuring that your customers enjoy a smooth and efficient shopping experience. Staying current with Magento updates is not just about keeping pace with technology. It's about providing the best possible platform for your users to interact with.


Maintain Up-to-Date Server-Side Software

The latest upgrade to Magento includes enhancements to the infrastructure as well as code quality improvements. These updates contribute significantly to the overall health of your website and ensure that all server-side software remains current. By keeping your system updated with the latest version, you're not just refining your website's functionality. You're also securing and optimizing your server's software environment.


Incorporate Fresh Features

With each new upgrade, Magento introduces a range of innovative features and functionalities that aid in the more effective management of your website, along with offering enhanced customization options. These continual enhancements are designed to streamline your site's administration and tailor the user experience to meet evolving needs.

What Magento Upgrades Require

Upgrading Magento requires the following:

  • Magento 2 system requirements.
  • Your server must run the 7.6.x version of elastic search
  • A staging environment that we can upgrade Magento on first, so we can ensure all necessary backups are in place to guard against data loss

We’ll check to make sure that these prerequisites are in place before proceeding with our update services. If any of them aren’t, we’ll let you know and recommend how to move forward before proceeding with the upgrade.

What the Upgrade Process Looks Like

As every website is different, every Magento upgrade is, too. However, we begin our services with an initial consultation to make sure we can identify any of the unique factors that may affect how we update your site. This is why we don’t just quote the same time and price estimate for every single Magento site. Once our initial analysis is complete, we’ll submit an SOW (Scope of Work) for your approval and then get started on the process.


This begins by ensuring a reliable backup is in place for your Magento site. Next, we’ll conduct a thorough analysis to inspect every element of your store, from the code to the theme to its database and more. After that, our developers will test your site and database for any bugs or other issues that could affect the upgrade or cause your business other problems.


When this work is finished, we’ll begin the upgrade process, which usually only takes a few hours to complete. At that point, we’ll conduct thorough QA (Quality Assurance) testing to make sure there are no lingering issues that we need to fix.

Our Magento Upgrade Services

We offer a large range of services beyond just upgrading Magento Commerce/Adobe Commerce to the latest version. IWD is a full-service agency with decades of experience working with Magento, which means we can also help with all of the following:


Data Transition Assistance

Our Magento development team facilitates the seamless transfer of your store's data to the most recent iteration of Magento.


Theme Transition Services

Upgrading your Magento store's theme is crucial not only for user engagement but also for compliance with Google's guidelines, ensuring mobile optimization and favorable SERP rankings (we also offer Magento SEO services). Themes support specific data formats, and upgrading Magento versions can lead to compatibility issues. Our developers skillfully update your existing theme to align with the new version of Magento, maintaining the theme's functionality and aesthetic appeal within the updated Magento 2 framework.


Module Compatibility Assurance

We ensure that your Magento 2 store's extensions remain functional and compatible throughout the upgrade process.


Quality Assurance Review

Following your Magento upgrade, our team will conduct a thorough quality assurance audit to ensure your new website is performing at its best. This includes everything from checking your extensions, tools, and other add-ons to ensure they’re working correctly, reviewing CRM, ERP, and other integrations, and making sure your payment gateways are working correctly.


Post-Service Maintenance

Beyond the upgrade, we offer ongoing Magento maintenance support services to ensure your eCommerce store continues to run smoothly. This can be for a limited time or for ongoing support to ensure your upgraded Magento site continues running smoothly for years to come. Having our experts available 24/7 also ensures you always make the right decisions about your store. Whether it’s in choosing Magento extensions to improve performance, improving site navigation, or making other choices to help your site’s success, our team will always be around to help.


Ongoing Education and Training

At IWD, we take great pride in how our experts are able to pass on that expertise to others. So, we can also provide comprehensive documentation and whatever training your team might need to ensure they can make the most of all of the newly implemented features on your Magento site.


API and Payment Integration Updates

Our Magento upgrade services extend to resolving any API disruptions and updating payment integrations for your site. This is also when we can make further recommendations about your payment gateways or other ways to take full advantage of the platform’s API.


Enhanced Security Measures

To safeguard your Magento store’s integrity, we will implement patches to fix any security vulnerabilities within to the core system. We can also take this opportunity to review the rest of your site’s security functions to make sure other issues aren’t leaving you open to attack.


Solution Integration

From popular Magento extensions to customized tools we designed just for your website, one of the most important development services we offer our Magento clients is simply adding better tools to their site, so they improve UX and skyrocket conversions.


Magento Marketing Services

Aside from upgrades, we also offer other important Magento services like eCommerce marketing. This includes Magento SEO services and paid ads that will help drive traffic to your site, so you can see the best possible ROI from our upgrade service.


Not sure where to start? Our eCommerce consultants can review your marketing efforts while our Magento development team upgrades your site to the latest version.

Other Issues Affecting Your Magento Site?

Our upgrade service is also a great time to review your Magento Commerce/Adobe Commerce website for any other issues that might be negatively impacting your company’s traffic, conversions, or revenue. If we find these problems, we’ll let you know and recommend other upgrades we could carry out to improve its performance.


If you approve our submitted SOW (Scope of Work), we’ll conduct these other upgrades ASAP. Otherwise, you can always elect to handle them in-house, outsource the fixes to someone else, or plan to have us address them at a later date.

How Our Magento Upgrades Have Helped Other Customers

Long before it became Adobe Commerce, we worked with Magento for nearly two decades, which has given us a lot of time to produce success stories we take a lot of pride in.


You can see our entire eCommerce portfolio here, but these three case studies show off the benefits of trusting IWD with updating your site to the latest Magento version:

Want to be our next success story? Contact us to learn all about how our experts can help your Magento site perform even better with one simple upgrade.

Learn More About Our Magento Upgrade Service

Whether you just need an update to the latest Magento version, need other issues resolved, want ongoing Magento maintenance, or have any other eCommerce needs, contact us to set up a call with our experts to discuss what it will involve.

Magento Update FAQ

After almost two decades of working with Magento Open Source and Commerce (Now Adobe Commerce), we’ve received a lot of questions when it comes to the upgrade process. Below are the most common ones, but you can always contact us with any of your own.

What Does Magento 2.4.6 Offer?:

Upgrading to Magento 2 is always a good idea, but Magento 2.4.6 (Adobe Commerce 2.4.6) introduces a suite of enhancements and new capabilities to elevate your eCommerce platform:

  • Adobe Commerce Extension Metapackage: The release introduces the Adobe Commerce Extension metapackage which bundles select Adobe Commerce extensions with the core release, simplifying the upgrade process for these extensions.
  • Accessibility Updates: Enhancements to create a storefront experience that is more perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.
  • JavaScript libraries have been updated to their latest versions, while obsolete dependencies have been discarded, ensuring a smoother, more secure user experience.
  • The update rolls out with PWA Studio v.13.0.x, ensuring full compatibility with Adobe Commerce 2.4.6, paving the way for next-generation web apps.
  • Decoupling of Adobe IMS modules from the core code and packaging as a separate metapackage.
  • Migration of the DHL schema from v6.2 to v10.0.
  • Removal of jquery-migrate from the Commerce codebase.
  • Upgrades to various dependencies like Symfony components and the Chart-js library to newer versions.
  • GraphQL's resolver efficiency has been optimized, with new features added to ramp up site performance.
  • Support for Composer 2.2.x and removal of Composer 1.x.
  • Support for Redis 7.0.x and recommendation to deploy with Redis 7.0.x due to the expected end of life for Redis 6.2 in 2024.
  • Support for OpenSearch as the default search engine for Adobe Commerce on-premise and cloud deployments, with compatibility for OpenSearch 1.x but recommendation for OpenSearch 2.x.
  • Support for Elasticsearch 8.x.
  • Support for MariaDB 10.6, with compatibility for MariaDB 10.4 but a recommendation to upgrade.
  • The platform now fully supports PHP 8.1 and PHP 8.2, phasing out support for PHP 7.4 to embrace the latest in web technology.
  • Security is bolstered with eight critical patches and platform-wide security enhancements, fortifying your site against vulnerabilities.
  • Payment enhancements include the addition of order IDs for transaction settlements and localized 'Pay Later' options for Italy and Spain.
  • Page Builder now boasts drag-and-drop for mass image imports, with dropdowns, text areas, and text fields enriching the product list capabilities.
  • Search functionality is refined, offering better suggestions for multi-word queries and displaying out-of-stock products when desired.
  • PWA v.13.0.x compatibility with the latest Magento version enhances accessibility, ensuring a seamless shopping experience across all devices.
  • Improved performance for operations affecting many customer segments.
  • New system configuration setting for limiting the number of products displayed in the product grid to improve performance.
  • Improved import performance with a new REST API endpoint for importing data.
  • Enhanced high-throughput order processing performance through load balancing.
  • Performance enhancements and new features, including optimized resolver operations and new mutations.

This update is designed to not only streamline management and improve performance but also to extend the longevity and relevance of your Magento-powered website.

What Kind of Downtime Will There Be?:

Our Magento upgrade services are designed to ensure seamless operation without any downtime. Typically, the upgrade process is quick, taking only a few hours to complete. During this period, you might occasionally notice minor issues like certain blocks not displaying momentarily or some buttons and forms not functioning correctly for a second. To minimize any potential inconveniences, we always recommend scheduling the upgrade during your store's slowest hours. This approach allows us to perform the upgrade efficiently while ensuring your store remains available to customers. But again, any real “downtime” is nonexistent.

Can the Service Fail to Upgrade My Site?:

In short, no. Because of the due diligence we carry out prior to beginning our upgrade service, there’s no risk that the process will fail. However, we will still back up your entire website just in case we need to revert it back to its previous version.

What if a Feature Quits Working After the Update?:

This is another example of how our due diligence really eliminates any risk that any feature of your site quits functioning following a version upgrade. Whether it’s a third-party feature, custom extension, or one of Magento’s, we’ll do the work to ensure they continue functioning as intended following an upgrade.

Will an Upgrade Change the Look of My Site or Theme?:

If an upgrade to your website will cause any issues with its appearance or theme, that’s something we will let you know about prior to beginning the update.

How Much Does It Cost to Update Magento?

The cost of a Magento upgrade is different depending on your unique Magento website and any other services you may want us to perform while also handling the upgrade. However, before any work begins, we will present you with a full SOW (Scope of Work) that includes the cost for this service, as well as an estimate of how long the process will take.

How Long Will It Take to Upgrade My Site?

It depends on what version you’re currently running, other factors unique to your site, and any other services you’d like our team to carry out during your Magento upgrade. Before we start, we’ll give you a full breakdown of what the process will entail, how long it will take, and the final price.

Can You Just Upgrade Specific Features of My Site?

Sure. We would just need you to specify which specific features you want updated. That said, we always recommend a complete upgrade to your current version of Magento to reap all the benefits we covered earlier (i.e., improved functionality, new features, security patches, etc.)

Will My Store’s Inventory and Customer Data Get Migrated to the Updated Version of My Magento Site?

Yes. Our team will create a secure backup of your important customer data and your entire inventory, so we can simply reupload it to your Magento site after the successful upgrade.

What About My Site’s Custom Features?

We will ensure that any custom features and extensions you rely on to run your Magento store still work after the update is finished. Before we begin, we’ll also create a backup version of the site for an added layer of assurance.

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