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IWD Agency Reviews

“We use IWD to manage our sites and have always found their team to be helpful and knowledgable. They are very prompt in response to our questions and have produced a great product for us and keep us up to date in a quick marketplace.”


David B., Froggy's Fog

5 out of 5              | February 13, 2017

“IWD Agency is always responsive and they always follow back up after the job has been completed to make sure the job was done correctly.”


Adam R., Arc Energy Equipment

5 out of 5              | February 13, 2017

“Lightning-quick responses to requests, and very competent service! They are Magento experts. You will be very happy working with this super capable and responsive team.”


Mark S., Gifts Catholic, Inc.

5 out of 5              | February 13, 2017

“We now have been using IWD for our Magento development for over a month, and so far we are very happy indeed with their service! Their company seems well structured for taking on complicated development projects, and they are able to handle the many tasks I sent them with ease.”


Adam H., Oco Glasses

5 out of 5              | January 13, 2016

“In the short amount of time working with IWD they have been nothing but amazing! Whenever I have a request, big or small, I always receive word back almost immediately with the use of their help desk. A huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders since switching to their guidance and expertise in Magento. Recently, there was an issue with the hosting site (not the website) the day before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day I received an email saying the problem had been resolved and checked. WOW. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Stephanie M., Pelican Coast Clothing

5 out of 5             | December 22, 2015

“I purchased a Magento plugin from IWD for our custom skin on 1.9.1. When the plugin didn't initially function with our custom design, IWD's support team were quick to find the solution and implement it for us. Great product, great support, would recommend.”


Tom R.

5 out of 5             | December 15, 2015

“I love the support. I have been using this extension for 2 years now and always getting it with extended upgrades. The support is fantastic, and when Magento has their security patches, IWD notifies customers of changes/updates. Good company to work with.”


Tucker R.

5 out of 5             | December 10, 2015

“This agency always responded to my needs to implements correctly the extension I bought. They always did their best to help me and I really appreciate that.”


Richard H.

5 out of 5             | December 5, 2015

“In my experience, IWD Agency has been a pleasure to work with. I would recommend to others.”


Alberto A., Control3

5 out of 5             | November 7, 2015

“Very good quality of Magento modules, excellent support.”


Mike S.

5 out of 5             | October 22, 2015

“Working with Joe and the developers at IWD really changed my marketing exposure and how my business is run. I can't thank these guys enough for the hard work they put into my site! I definitely would recommend and especially so if your in the Baton Rouge area and care about hiring LOCAL business.”


Ian R.

5 out of 5             | October 22, 2015

“These guys are brilliant! So helpful, quick and professional. Get on board.”


Nicki R.

5 out of 5             | February 22, 2015

“For starters, I can't tell how much it means to me (and my clients) that when I call the team at IWD Agency, an American answers the phone. Communication and professionalism is the key to e-commerce today and they've knocked it out of the park. The other experience that I appreciate is that not every interaction is a sales pitch. IWD takes the approach of support and follow up. Their design was solid with a 'solutions based approach' and the end product was timely and superb. I've already started to brain-storm on another project with IWD Agency based off of this experience.”


Paul C.

5 out of 5             | February 10, 2015

“IWD has been our trusted source for Magento and website development for the past two years. They helped us redesign our site to be more SEO compliant and to attract additional customers. They have also been a lifesaver when our site developed issues, and we needed quick support. We’re glad to have them as a dependable resource we can count on. I would recommend IWD to anyone who needs programmers with Magento experience.”


Kirk M.

5 out of 5             | January 30, 2015

“IWD has been an excellent partner in the development of our online store. Their staff has proven to be extremely knowledgeable on both Magento and best practices to maximize performance and enhance the user experience of our business.”


Scott C., Calico Ladders

5 out of 5             | January 22, 2015

“Always a pleasure to work with, and always willing to go the extra mile in supporting their clients. IWD is attentive and their hard work has helped our eCommerce presence surge since we signed on!”


Jordan C.

5 out of 5             | January 5, 2015

“I have worked with several people at IWD, on several projects, over the past couple of years. These projects included Magento web design & development, mobile web site development, and SEO. They have met or exceeded my expectations every time. One thing I have noticed recently is that sometimes it takes a little longer to get things done. However, things are still done fast (just not lightning fast). This isn't necessarily a bad thing, just have to plan for it. They do good work, and I'm sure their workload is reflecting that. At the end of the day the quality of the work they produce and the level of commitment and enthusiasm they show for the work being done is outstanding. I would highly recommend them for any critical web project without hesitation.”


Bob H.

5 out of 5             | April 20, 2014

“I work for a performance apparel brand and have worked with IWD in many different respects. They helped us overhaul and completely re-design our website to make it more user friendly. They have created an e-commerce website that is brand appropriate and have been there to help us manage it every step of the way. Our sales have been increasing every month since the launch of the new site compared to last year's sales. They are also good at working under pressure and with a time crunch which comes in handy often. IWD recently designed and launched our new mobile site right before Black Friday and we have seen mobile conversion rate increase since the launch of it. The team is a joy to work with and they are usually quite prompt with returning calls and explaining confusing "webby" things as I call them. IWD has also run a SEO campaign for us and has successfully moved 12 words associated with our website to the front page of google. They are also very good at reporting data and statistics that help us understand the progress of the SEO and the overall site performance. My only complaint about IWD is there billing policy. It really bothers me that our company is charged to have meetings with IWD and discuss future ideas or possible improvements to the site. In most industries you do not get charged until the company actually creates something for you. But in the IWD world you get charged for talking about creating something. Overall it has been a positive experience with IWD and I would recommend them to a friend.”


Jessica W.

3 out of 5         | March 14, 2014

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