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Penn State Berkey Creamery


The Challenge

Penn State University’s Berkey Creamery came to IWD Agency with the challenge of overhauling the design and functionality of its online store. The creamery wanted a site with a modern aesthetic and fully-customizable design, but one that paid homage to the creamery’s 150-year history. Berkey Creamery also wanted the ability to ship customer-customized coolers of ice cream across the country.

The Solution

IWD was able to design and develop a Magento solution that allowed the Berkey Creamery to meet the demand for their unique flavors of ice cream nation-wide.

A new, responsive user interface allowed visitors to easily navigate the site and its wide variety of dairy products on any device. The creamery’s brand new “About Us” page guides users through the store’s rich historical narrative and science-based manufacturing method, engaging the user with custom illustrations, educational videos, and an interactive trivia section. Finally, by utilizing custom code created by the IWD dev team, the site now allows customers to custom-order a cooler with their choice of ice cream flavors and ship it anywhere in the United States.

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