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Your brand is a promise to your consumer. This is the image that makes your company distinctive and gives you a competitive edge. Branding is the way you define your business to yourself, your clients and your team. To attract customers, you have to create a cultural, visual and emotional connection between your business and customers.   So how do we do this?  

1. Take Time to Get a Feel for Your Brand Building a business is going to take time. You need to take your time to visualize how the company will look and feel. The image and visual elements you choose play an exceptional role in branding. It is essential to have a clear imagery of what you are trying to communicate. Take your time to create a consistent visual identity.  


2. Who are You? You need to create a "voice" for your business that reflects your brand. Your voice should be your message, and it should be incorporated in all your written communication and materials. Use your company values and bring them out in a concise, meaningful and memorable way. You also need to know who you're talking to. Pinpoint your clients and know the space that your business will occupy in the market. This will tell you who your brand should be connecting to.  

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3. Your Name A great name can create a big difference in your business. Your company name is an extension of your brand identity and it reinforces what you stand for. A great name will create buzz and position you as a true innovator and leader in the market. Your brand name must be descriptive, memorable and easy for your clients to remember.  

4. Create a Strong Logo An identifiable logo will have extraordinary value on your business. You need to create a great logo that will generate interest and intrigue from your customers. Your logo should be placed and applied universally in all your marketing and advertising materials. Pay close attention to the logo details and this will help you build a strong brand identity.  

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5. Apply Your Brand Consistently Your design templates and logo must be applied widely and consistently using the same color scheme, font size, feel, look, and placement. Consistency will determine the ultimate success of all your branding efforts.You must stay true to your brand and speak to all your clients with one consistent tone of voice.

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