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Design and Development: A Kid's Guide to Designing for the Web

You probably use the Internet nearly every day, visiting different websites to get information, interact with friends, and play games. Every website you visit has been designed and built by one or more Web designers. While most of the big websites have been carefully designed by professionals, anyone can build a website after learning some basic design skills. Gaining skills in Web design can give you important knowledge and help you develop new and creative ways of thinking that can help you in a lot of different ways.


Why Design?

Everybody can benefit from learning basic design concepts, even if you don't think that you want to be a Web designer when you grow up. Learning basic programming languages and how to do a little bit of coding helps you learn how to think logically and communicate your thoughts. Just like learning a different speaking language is good for your brain, learning programming languages is also good because it helps you understand technology better. You might also be surprised at how creative you can be once you learn how to code. You'll be learning new ways to create solutions, making it easier to do many things.



What Do Web Designers Do?

A Web designer is a person who either builds new websites or redesigns existing websites. Web designers need to understand how the Internet works and how websites function. This professional also needs to understand what makes a website appealing and easy to use for visitors. When you look at the front end of a website, it's easy to overlook the foundation of the website, the code that creates its layout, fonts, colors, and functionality. A website needs to be designed to appeal to the people who will use it by being easy to read and understand. Web designers try to keep websites simple, informative, and functional.



Principles of Design

Web design is all about understanding principles that go into a successful and appealing website. When people visit a website, they instantly get an impression of it that determines whether they think the site is safe, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. The layout of a website needs to be balanced so that visitors can find the information they want. It needs to have a pleasing contrast between the background and foreground colors and use colors that work well together. And it needs to use fonts that are pleasing to the eye but not distracting or difficult to read. The text on a website needs to be legible, grammatically correct, and informative. Overall, simplicity rules with website design. Too much information can cause people to become confused or distracted.



Learn Design Skills

While Web designers can take classes and even pursue degrees in Web design, it's also possible to learn some design skills on your own. Many online courses and videos are available, some of which are free. By studying online and practicing on your own, you can learn a lot about coding skills, programming languages, and principles of Web design. You can also play games that help to strengthen your design knowledge and skills.


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