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Why email marketing is'nt working for you.

It’s not that email marketing doesn’t work. It’s that you’re not doing it right!

Whether an eCommerce company is just starting out with email marketing or has been doing it for years, the first thing to look at is how your list is segmented. Are you segmenting for lifetime value, customer recency, or the types of products that you know they are interested in from their buying history? Sending the right email at the right time to the right people is crucial.

Email retargeting and remarketing

Another factor that is often overlooked is retargeting and remarketing with emails. Abandoned cart sequences are one of the best ways to remarket to potential customers. If you are not familiar with abandoned cart sequences, they are designed to re-engage people who have added a product to their cart but did not complete the purchase. This is one of the easiest conversions hacks out there.

We all know that things come up when we are doing our online shopping. Maybe the internet goes down, the baby starts crying or we need to step out for a meeting and then forget to complete the purchase. This does not mean that they do not want to buy the product. Customers need reminders so that when they have some free time again they can jump right back into their cart and make the purchase.

Abandoned cart email sequence for the win

When IWD Agency helps clients with email marketing, abandoned cart sequences is one of the first tools we pull out of our belt. It is low hanging fruit that can boost sales and increase ROI fairly quickly. One of the best email headlines we have found that works is “Did life get in the way?” Your customers will relate to the message and be glad that you reminded them to make the purchase.

If someone was about to buy a birthday gift or something they need for an upcoming trip, an email reminder will save them a lot of hassle and let them easily jump back into their cart to purchase. Don’t leave your customers hanging last minute having forgotten to buy their much-needed items.

Other than list management and segmentation, email marketing requires a holistic approach. There are several types of email templates that need to be created. Different campaigns will include promotional emails, re-engagement emails, the newsletter, anniversaries, holidays, sales, and maybe even replacement part reminders. These emails will all need to work together in an integrated strategy.

Email marketing tools

IWD recommends several email marketing platforms. Bradley, head of marketing at IWD, recommends Klaviyo because of its robust segmentation features and simple drag and drop editor. Klaviyo even offers an abandoned browse session email which can be crucial to getting potential buyers back to your site and finding the goods they want in one click. They are also eCommerce focused featuring integrations with Shopify, Magento, and Big Commerce.

Another awesome feature they offer is SMS for text messaging engagement. Sending SMS online has become one of the most effective marketing platforms due to open rates of 98%, high conversion and the ability to boost other channels.

Mailchimp is also a great option for starting out with email marketing. They boast excellent audience and list management features, attractive drag and drop templates, analytics, and even offer landing pages. The best part about MailChimp is that it is FREE to start!

When your emails aren't working, it's your website's fault

Email marketing is just one piece of the bigger whole of digital marketing. An email marketing campaign can be on point. But, If users are being sent back to a website with a poor design or user interface then a whole list of detrimental issues will arise. When customers click through to go to the website again and leave because the website is difficult to navigate, this will increase the bounce rate on the site leading to a decrease in page rank. Also, the customer will not be likely to come back at all. If the website is not converting, email marketing will not help.

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