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QC Supply has been a staple in the agriculture industry since 1982.

The company got its start by selling livestock products to local customers out of a garage.

Today, QC Supply serves an international market of farms, businesses, and resellers. It’s becomethedistributor for the name-brand products agriculture companies need. This includes five of their own product lines.

Even with this vast inventory of high-quality products, QC Supply is just as popular for their team of technical support experts who love answering questions and ensuring customers pick the best possible products for their unique needs.

QC Supply Needed a One-of-a-Kind eCommerce Website

QC Supply had enjoyed a lot of success thanks to Magento, but back in 2018, they faced a very common challenge for successful companies: their business had outgrown their website.

To continue growing, QC Supply needed tomigrate their Magento 1 site to Magento 2. This might sound simple enough, but for an eCommerce website with an inventory that includes thousands of products, migration can be fraught with problems.

QC Supply also had a few other requirements for their new Magento 2 site. In order to meet their every need, they wanted:

  •        An upgrade from their B2C site to a B2B version that could accommodate a wider range of customers
  •        A responsive design that would adapt to any screen size customers used when visiting their site.
  •        An updated customer portal, so it would better suit the needs of their specific market – not the default “one-size-fits-all” option.

Fortunately, these kinds of requests are nothing new to our team.

Why IWD Was the Obvious Choice to Build a Winning Website

QC Supply wasn’t lacking for candidates when they went looking for an agency that could build their ideal website.

But they chose IWD Agency for three main reasons.

First, they said that “based mainly on the questions [we] asked”, we were clearly the frontrunner right away. Years of experience working with companies across multiple industries has taught us which questions are essential for establishing each client’s unique goals from the very beginning. In many cases, we’ve helped clients consider questions they hadn’t even thought of before speaking with us.

Second, because of our 15+ years of eCommerce experience, we were able to identify potential solutions to their challenges before we even had a meeting. This showed QC Supply that we understood what their end goal was and knew how to get them there.

Finally, they saw the advantages of working with a full solutions provider. We could offer them everything from site development to SEO. This is important to many companies, as it reduces the number of parties they have to engage to get all of the results they want.

IWD Delivered Double-Digit Improvements Across the Board

In 2017, our team worked with QC Supply to migrate their site to Magento 2and implement all of the new features they wanted for their new eCommerce website.

We also carried out a number of complex integrations with systems like NAV to further improve their site’s performance.

The results have been nothing short of amazing.

Since we launched their new site in January 2018, every important metric has improved by double digits:

  •        Conversion Rate:+18.29%
  •        Revenue: +61.72%
  •        Online Sessions:+44.46%

With a website that has been custom built with their market in mind, QC Supply is ready to continue seeing these kinds of numbers for years to come.

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