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As a PayPal Partner, IWD was recently chosen to work with PayPal to develop a free Magento extension. When you add Log In with PayPal to your store, you'll give your customers a simple, convenient way to create an account, log in, and speed through checkout faster!

PayPal Magento Extension

PayPal extension

Step 1 Consumers click Log In with PayPal, and they provide their consent to share their non-financial information with your business.  
Magento PayPal Login
Step 2 PayPal securely shares their non-financial information, and your business quickly creates a new shopping account with your store. Unlike social sign-ins, PayPal shares 'real' customer information confirmed by PayPal.    

Step 3 Anytime your customers visit your store (on any device), they simply click Log In with PayPal to easily log into their shopping account and pay using PayPal.    

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